Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reply to Virginia's call for a strong response to the European Commission's failure to engage civil society in the drug policy process, as promised.

Dear Virginia,

Right you are.

It occurs to me that the strongest possible reaction would include an international request for something attainable, significant and beneficial. Specifically, requesting a formal reassessment of the true value of Cannabis agriculture, ecology, manufacture and trade, in the context of present "emergency" conditions of environment, economics and armed aggression would be hard to for the commission to ignore. In the U.S., it's apparently called "essential civilian demand." Perhaps it's a term that will serve ENCOD and the rest of the world as well.

I trust that the drug war will end when the Great Lie about the world's most useful and nutritious crop is exposed, and the organic agricultural market is allowed to spread abundant health and natural wealth. We need to stop talking about Cannabis as a drug ("Drugs don't make seeds.") and start recognizing it as a critical component of an agricultural strategy to address climate change. If there's a better, more widely available, proportionate way to address "global broiling" by increasing UV-B radiation, than Cannabis agriculture, I haven't heard it.

Establishing as common knowledge, the true value of Cannabis will "blow the doors off" of the drug policy debate. If we don't figure out the UV-B equation soon, it won't matter what other problems we do solve. For what it's worth, I offer any and all of my writing, research, films and photographs, as a citizen of the world and a concerned father, for achieving compassionate drug policy, everywhere.

We truly are One.