Saturday, January 31, 2009

Current Conversation

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Current Conversation�

It's true that an irrational social prejudice against Cannabis has been imposed through decades of ignorance and fear. Even so, it's an illusion to believe that "We The People" are still entrenched in the "Reefer Madness" mentality of the '30s,'40s,'50s, '60s,'70s''80s,'90's.

We're facing global catastrophe in the foreseeable future. No ignorance or stubbornness is reason enough to let Cannabis prohibition continue, if it means that the planet gets broiled. When does a law become so transparently perverse that it ceases to command respect? Cannabis prohibition laws are screaming to be transcended by an increasingly urgent necessity.

Now that President Obama has courageously been honest about his frequent use of 'marijuana' the "gateway theory" can be expanded to include The White House as a consequence of "drug abuse" [sic]. To enforce a counter-productive would reveal Obama as worse than a hypocrite. That would be too sad.

I'm doing what I can to help our President not let that happen, by writing to his website everyday, and letting him know about Executive Order 12919 and essential civilian demand for Cannabis. If we all write to President Obama, then he will have to end Cannabis prohibition - without spending any "political capital" and in fact, earning quite a lot.

It used to be a problem for VIP politicians & other cultural leaders (i.e. publishers, program directors & celebs) to show support for Cannabis. But today, 80% of the population favors decrim for personal use and even more understand the therapeutic realities. Anyone who watches all seven segments of the Rick Simpson story on YouTube will.

The economic vacuum created by prohibiting the world's most useful agricultural resource for seven decades is being filled out of necessity. The hemp industry listings in Europe is already a phone book.

Another REAL question is, "How can any "herb bearing seed" be both a "strategic resource" and a Schedule I drug?

Answer: It can't.