Thursday, January 29, 2009

Freedom is possible for the first time in our lives.

Now that a member of the Cannabis culture occupies the White House, President Obama -- for whom 'marijuana' was a gateway to the White House -- must end the prohibition of Cannabis. It is absurd to think that the courage, intelligence and leadership abilities of our President developed in spite of his Cannabis use, rather than with some benefit from it. Many of society's leaders, in every discipline of culture, have used Cannabis at some time in their lives.

Having courageously admitted that he smoked pot frequently, if Obama doesn't end prohibition, he will be recognized as a hypocrite for continuing the macho political tradition of turning his back on science, reason and compassion in an attempt to look "tough" on drugs. How can the President support laws known to be functionally counter-productive, that would have jailed himself and probably many of his family and friends?

Mr. President, please. Do not continue in the tired footsteps of drug war dinosaurs. It's time for America to grow up to the reality of individual responsibility for the use or abuse of drugs. We are reclaiming our freedom to farm in 2009, by planting hemp in California, by "essential civilian demand." I trust that you will support this critical step in recovering the environmental and economic balance upon which our social evolution depends.

Available science from all over the world proves that Cannabis is the world's most ancient, useful, healing and nutritious agricultural resource. How can a natural resource so valuable possibly be within the rightful jurisdiction of any court?

Cannabis hemp seed is the most complete food on Earth, the only common seed with three essential fatty acids, the best source of vegetable protein, and potentially the most abundant and globally distributed organic agricultural crop. To induce scarcity of it is worse than merely shortsighted -- it's extinctionistic.

The "drug war" is counter-productive to its own stated objectives, creating a "forbidden fruit," engendering a vicious black market, causing corruption in law enforcement and elected officials. Prohibition has addicted our economic system and our political system to toxic, unevenly distributed finite chemicals.

Human values reflect the absence of spirit in our money. With such an arrogant disregard for the Natural Order, it is inevitable that mankind will destroy the Earth under our feet, unless several steps are taken immediately. Ending Cannabis prohibition is the first step to sustainability, because it is the only thing we can do to reduce "global broiling" by increasing UV-B radiation.

That Cannabis agriculture would be an economic and environmental boon to the US and the world is incontestable. There is no other major crop that produces both food and fuel from the same harvest.

We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. Unless we stop adding toxic chemicals to it, we won't be around to see the planet heat up.