Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Until the freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is reclaimed in the U.S. -- and Cannabis prohibition ended -- global agriculture and regional economics will be crippled by soil demineralization, ag chemicals and fuel expenses.

Our most useful and nutritious crop is being suppressed through a counter-productive prohibition. Because of 'marijuana' prohibition, industrial hemp agriculture and the knowledge of hemp's unique and essential food value has been edited from the collective consciousness. That the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization doesn't actively promote global hemp agriculture to produce vegetable protein and essential fatty acids is the crime of two Centuries.

It's time for farmers to reclaim our right to farm Cannabis for food, fuel, and much more. Article One, freedom of religion, is currently in force to protect our right to farm Cannabis. January 16th is


Please celebrate.

"Many of Jefferson's ideas about government, which are the philosophic underpinnings for our country, are based on the interrelationship between the land and the people. He clearly felt that the closer people were to the land, the freer they were to lead more "natural" lives and thus experience more directly the full possession of their natural unalienable rights. And in the process they might also feel closer to their God, the source of those rights."

from Thomas Jefferson: Agronomist

It is time to plant Thomas Jefferson's favorite crop once again. Every spring planting season that passes is an opportunity lost forever.

How bad do things have to get before all compassionate solutions are considered?

The test of President Obama's true character will be in his openness to "essential civilian demand" for hemp, as provided for in Executive Order 12919, and his practical support of religious freedom.