Tuesday, December 30, 2008

National Religious Freedom Day

To initiate celebration of National Religious Freedom Day ( January 16th, 2009) the California Cannabis Ministry has posted a ten minute video documentary trailer on You Tube, entitled "Return to Reason." The ten minute film was made by international Cannabis scholar Paul von Hartmann, a biodynamic agriculturist and resident of Mount Shasta.

The video features the European hemp industry and research, demonstrating sustainable agricultural solutions through wise use of an abundant, unique and essential, beneficial rotational crop. I trust that people will view the video and pass it along for discussion before the community meeting scheduled for 7:30 pm at the Stage Door, Thursday, January 15th.

The general public, medical patients, professionals and caregivers, civic leaders, educators and students, spiritual leaders, law enforcement and environmental community of Siskiyou County are specifically invited to participate in the process of implementing responsible, effective drug policy. Discussion of Cannabis agriculture is the first step toward an abundance and variety of healthful, good-paying jobs, serve as a model for compassionate, responsible drug policy based in science and reason, and rejuvenate regional economics while reclaiming critical, fundamental human rights.

Freedom to farm IS freedom of religion, protected by "substantive due process" that recognizes the legal power of historical precedent. Once the incomparable stature of Cannabis history, agriculture, industry and nutrition are fully appreciated, there can be no truly legal grounds for impeding immediate reintroduction of Cannabis agriculture to the free market.

To do otherwise disregards both State and Federal Constitutions, by violating our "First Freedom." At the same time Cannabis prohibition has created a vicious black market, a corrupt, expensive, predatory bureaucracy, global food insecurity, epidemic malnutrition and a "forbidden fruit" that's more attractive to justifiably angry, curious & rebellious youth.

A Compassionate Cultural Center in Mount Shasta will fulfill the requirements of Proposition 215 and AB 420 by providing a well-regulated organic medical Cannabis dispensary, nutritional counseling, and wellness center, based on the model of the British Columbia Compassion Club Society (BCCCS) in Vancouver

By this spring it is hoped that communication with elected officials in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. will secure our self-evident rights. It is critical that we make the best use of the limited time we have left to recover from the present environmental, economic, and social imbalances imposed by prolonged, essential resource scarcity, leading eventually to unstoppable synergistic collapse.