Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama transition Team's "Open for Questions"

Below are eight questions I've just submitted to the Obama transition Team's "Open for Questions" website, under the name "projectpeace."

If you agree that the Obama administration needs to weigh the benefits of Cannabis agriculture vs. the counter-productive effects of marijuana prohibition, then please visit the "Open for Questions" site

and cast your vote for our freedom to farm.

Thank you for your time and consideration,



- Economy

"Since inducing scarcity of a "strategic resource" weakens America's economy and threatens our food security, how can our government claim rightful, legal jurisdiction over god-given resources that are both unique and essential, as is Cannabis?"

- Science & Technology

"Research in Cannabis therapeutics, industry & ecology is being done in all of the developed countries, except in the U.S. Will the Obama administration continue to suppress knowledge of the true value of hemp, or lead the world in scientific inquiry?"

- Health Care

"Since hemp seed nutrition is the most cost effective way to prevent and successfully treat many illnesses, why wouldn't the government take an active role in educating people about the importance of eating hemp seed protein and hemp seed oil? Please!"

- Foreign Policy

"If abundant, essential food and fuel resources can be farmed sustainably, organically, all over the world, using hemp, then isn't Cannabis agriculture the most peaceful, responsible, affordable, globally available strategy for effecting world peace?"

- Additional Issues

"The California Cannabis Ministry is an individual expression of religious freedom, recognizing that freedom to farm is a sacred, fundamental human right. Will Obama honor substantive due process, that protects our most ancient right to farm Cannabis?"

- National Security

"Executive Order 12919 identifies hemp as a strategic resource available by essential civilian demand. What's the protocol for essential civilian demand, for the world's most ancient, nutritious, useful, potentially abundant, agricultural resource?"

- Education

"When kids find out that our government is lying about the true value of hemp by waging a counter-productive drug war, then doesn't that damage the credibility of law, impede the motivation to trust & learn, and fundamentally subvert social evolution?"

- Energy & Environment

"No other crop produces as many "monoterpenes" (VOCs) as hemp, while sequestering carbon and remineralizing the soil. Why won't our government consider reintroducing organic hemp agriculture to help mitigate climate change, and stop "global broiling?""