Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stop Fighting.

What No One Wants to Hear -- Stop Fighting.

All of the freedom "fighters" who are so valiantly fighting for medical 'marijuana' -- fighting, fighting "to the bitter end" -- are co-creating both, a costly never-ending fight and a bitter end. Being an ex-"fighter" turned spiritual healer is not without its adjustments in thinking, but it eventually serves to transform what we are attempting to do, into the social healing process that it needs to be.

Fighting is an ego-driven, jerk-off for those of contentious nature. Ultimately fighting is a huge, unproductive waste of energy, as is Ed's trial. Fighting leads to more fighting, which is profitable for those who have choreographed the conflict to make us all angry, frustrated, worn-down fighters. Well, enough is enough. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. If we really want Cannabis prohibition to end, then we must simply end it.

What if it were true, and everyone finally learned, that Cannabis has never been within the rightful jurisdiction of any court? Would that not stop the fighting? If people were to claim their "self-evident, god-given, natural rights" which our government was specifically constructed to protect, then our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" ought to be the most obvious way of expressing our free exercise of worship. With sincere gratitude to "The Great YouNameIt" (that which created the Natural Order as a sort of demonstration project for mankind to grow into harmony with), I hold in highest esteem the Cannabis plant. Out of deepest regard and highest reverence, I consider sacramental the "green herb" Cannabis, a being of unique and essential value, that may produce enough environmental benefit as to heal the Earth's atmosphere.

Since Article One of the Bill of Rights protects our "first freedom" to worship as we choose, then the prohibition statutes are themselves illegal, in their anti-Constitutional effect. We don't need to pass more laws to "legalize" Cannabis. We do need to discard counter-productive prohibition laws as extinctionistic. Why is anyone still fighting against laws so transparently perverse that they no longer command respect? Is it out of some sort of socio-eoconomic inertia?

The answer seems to be that, even though every person who uses Cannabis will admit to enjoying spiritually significant benefits of 'marijuana,' particularly in inextricable synergy with the therapeuic benefits, relatively few Cannabis consumers recognize existing legal protections associated with our sincere "religious" use of Cannabis, for food, fuel, therapeutics, and much more.

Perhaps it is a reluctance to share that personal, spiritual dimension of ourselves with others who are in lock-step with a violent system, out of fear of being written off as insincere. No one likes rejection, especially on such a penetrating level of our being. Maybe the implied semantic divide between the words "religion" and "spirituality" makes the legal protections, afforded by the Constitution for "freedom of religion," seem legally disparate for people who have always quietly practiced their individual "freedom of spirituality."

If each of us individually claim our obvious, natural, spiritual right to mankind's most ancient, valued, sacred, healing, useful, nutritious, potentially abundant, globally distributed agricultural resource, then Cannabis prohibition statutes will look as criminally foolish and blatantly destructive as they certainly are. Anyone who still enforces prohibition laws is either economically conscripted in the punishment industry, or uninformed to the point of criminal negligence.

A lawsuit chaging gross negligence for the government's role in suppressing Cannabis' nutritional and agricultural value, at the international level, is a better use of legal fees, if you can find an attorney who is willing to argue for our spiritually motivated freedom to farm.

Why is Ed Rosenthal in court? Because, as far as I can see from the website, Ed's attorneys have failed to invoke Ed's freedom of religion. The Law of the Land is the Constitution. On the first page of the Bible, God said, "I have given you every herb bearing seed." Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. The distinction is legally and practically significant enough to end the argument, and the fighting, forever.

for peace,

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry
(831) 588-5095

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