Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Honoring Dr. Tod Mikuriya

It is with the greatest fondness, respect and appreciation that these thoughts are shared, to
honor Dr. Tod Mikuriya. Dr. Tod was a treasure, much loved by those of us who benefited from his
enormous works and enjoyed his delightful company. For those who aren't aware of how Dr. Tod
contributed to their lives, it may interest people to know that a true pioneer in healing passed
away last Sunday.

Dr. Mikuriya's initial curiosity about Cannabis as a student in the late 50s led to extensive
travels as a researcher of 'ganja.' His boundless energetic fascination with Cannabis fueled his
eloquent, defiant opposition to our corrupted government's interference in Cannabis research. The
backlash from his credible effectiveness, in standing up for the world's most healing plant,
elicited the usual bureaucratic response, blatantly unreasonable persecution from the chemical
pharmaceutically biased medical establishment -- the "legal" drug dealers.

We all owe a lot to Dr. Tod, including a loving prayer for his gentle passage. Condolences are
extended to his family, with a river of gratitude flowing to Dr. Tod, wherever you are.

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