Thursday, May 3, 2007

"The only way to attain salvation is to have complete loyalty to God. This dream of life will be taken away from you one day; the only thing that is real is the love of God. Nothing else; all are false dreams. Get away from them. Every minute I seee how necessary that is....and so I tell Him: "I shall work for you alone." Then I feel within His supreme joy.--Paramahansa Yogananda

I work for the Natural Order. Inconceivably complex, Nature was created by what some call "God." The lesson for me is that giving a name to something so huge and entirely subjective is limiting.

I have come to calling God, "The GreatYouNameIt," with humble respect for the inconceivability of what God is. I think in human dimensions, though somewhat broader perhaps than others' due to several exceptional experiences enjoyed at an early age.

Extraordinary experience in youth eventually mature into penetrating grown-up insights. Having visited "otherworldly" realms as a very young boy, I believe that such inexplicable experiences have deepened the breadth of my vision of what is possible.

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