Thursday, March 18, 2010

An evolving vision of "Hemp is Our Legacy Week" May 17-23, 2010

The character and effectiveness of "Hemp is Our Legacy Week" in Sacramento, California will depend on the ability to raise funding and other kinds of practical support. Ideally, a week-long series of wheel-chair accessible events will begin with multiple screenings of "Hemp for Victory", "Hemp and the Rule of Law" and other hemp-specific documentary films, on public access and other interested television media serving the Sacramento region and the State.

Films that present an objective, comprehensive, accurate valuation of the Cannabis plant are being selected for education of the general public. Talk radio programs, television news and internet media sites will also be invited to introduce the true value of the Cannabis plant in a clear, credible and understandable way.

Speaking events will include multi-media presentations to as many colleges, civic groups, activist meetings and public meetings as a can be arranged. Musical events and street theater will be included to celebrate the history and legacy of Cannabis agriculture, nutrition, manufacture and trade.

If possible, seminars and demonstrations of agricultural techniques will be conducted to introduce the practical aspects of growing hemp for food, fiber, fuel, etc. Wheelchair gardening techniques will also be introduced to help people with disabilities learn how to grow the freshest, most fertile, organic hemp to produce their own healing nutrition.

Publicity for the week will be generated through posters, fliers and "business card"-sized displays will be distributed to merchants and on bulletin boards throughout the Sacramento region and Northern California.

On Sunday, May 23rd, a public demonstration of responsibility for the truth about the true value of Cannabis will be held on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento. A formal challenge of rightful jurisdiction over natural resources both essential and unique will be sent by registered mail to California's Governor and Attorney General as part of the protocol for exercising "essential civilian demand" for the freedom to farm industrial hemp.

"Misprision of treason" for failing to act in the interest of national security will be cited as a legal consequence of refusing to recognize hemp as a "strategic food resource." Because hemp has been identified by six American Presidents as critical to national security in six Executive Orders there is significant historical precedent for reintroducing hemp agriculture to the free market economy.

Reclaiming the ancient, legitimate spiritual dimensions of agriculture with specific reference to "every herb bearing seed" introduces "freedom of religion" as a potent legal argument, protecting our "freedom to farm" secured by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Throughout the week, the court of public opinion will be referenced as the ultimate authority in a free society. Since the present, insolvent, dysfunctional, corporately corrupted, successive dominant political regimes have persistently refused to recognize the known value of Cannabis, it does not serve to encourage success of the hemp industry if it is taxed and regulated by the impacted bureaucracy that has suppressed the truth and opposed organic agricultural solutions for more than seventy years.