Friday, March 26, 2010

As solutions become obvious

The economics of punishment are reaching their inevitable inertial extreme in the economics of extinction. Unless the dominance of the current values paradigm is replaced with something that works in better harmony with the Natural Order, soon, the window of opportunity (that may or may not still remain open) will very quickly close.

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. If growing hemp is a good thing to do, then it would be better to start doing it sooner than later. Spring is approaching quickly. The rationale for planting has achieved its inevitable critical urgency. "Essential civilian demand" for an unique and essential "strategic food resource" is entirely justified.

To delay the exercise of essential civilian demand for hemp risks wasting another growing season, another season of carbon sequestration and oxygen production, organic conversion and development of "Gaiatherapeutic industries", defined by net positive environmental benefit.

The bees are continuing to die and no one knows why...

Perhaps it would be wise to stop doing everything that could possibly be harming the environment.