Friday, July 3, 2009

Why taxing Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade is a bad idea

Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade are critical to the survival of our species. Burdening the growth of an industry that's been vilified, persecuted, and suppressed for seventy years; an industry that also heals the planet in several crucial ways; and could rejuvenate organic agriculture; with a tax paid to a government that's killing the planet will effectively weaken not only the growth of organic farm-based industries at a time when we should be supporting them; it will also cloud the primary reason for ending prohibition --"the "drug war is counter-productive. Corrupt misdirection inherent to the political system that perpetuated the "drug war" epitomizes the abject failure of that system.

The greatest benefit of ending prohibition is the crystal clear view of how dysfunctional our social structures must be, if such a perversely harmful policy as prohibition could be imposed by governments for so long.