Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cannatax help? I don't think so...

"personally I am against taxing cannabis - I would only agree with taxing the profits" - Alun

If there still exists a legitimate spiritual connection between farmer, land and harvest, then any tax imposed on any "herb bearing seed" is a violation of religious freedom.

Taxing what people spend on non-essential items and for whatever harm they do to the environment/society are the most equitable and most efficient means of raising revenue to run a much smaller bureaucracy.

It's been my experience that people who make money from Cannabis generally spend most of it in their communities. That's a direct, voluntary, efficient kind of taxation. Additionally, people who have lots of Cannabis typically share it with people who need it. That's an even more direct sort of tithing that has the same effect as taxation.

The six most expensive letters in the USA are IRS and DEA. If we eliminate those two predatory "bureaucrazies" we'll save enough money to pay for Americka's much-needed national psychiatric treatment.