Saturday, February 14, 2009

The madness must stop for sanity to set in

A formal revaluation of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade will achieve resolution of several destabilizing contradictions, that are currently accepted. For example, it is only by disregarding the exceptional nutritional value of Cannabis seed, that Cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I drug with no accepted value. Identified as a "strategic resource" in Executive Order 12919 (Clinton 1994), Cannabis cannot possibly be both critical to national security and at the same time without beneficial uses.

That the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization refuses to recognize the true value of hemp seed nutrition as unique and essential, is the crime of two Centuries.

In March 2009, the UN will meet in Vienna to review ten years of failed drug policy. Please do what you can to let UNFAO know that they are criminally negligent in failing to make the connection between their counter-productive & costly drug policy and the causal effect it's having on global food insecurity and epidemic malnutrition.

Cannabis prohibition will end as soon as the true value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture & trade are acknowledged.