Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Contemporary Crucifixion of Roger Christie

Freedom of religion is under attack in the cruel and unusual imprisonment of the free-spirited Reverend Roger Christie. Held in federal prison since July 8th, Reverend Christie has been denied bail twice after being charged in a spurious, first-time, non-violent-crime accusation.

Christie is being selectively prosecuted and maliciously misjudged without objective due process or accountability as "a danger to the community." Reverend Christie is in fact being spanked by a vindictive "drug war" crazed regime for effectively defending his Big Island community against the harms of hard drugs, the black market and armed invasion by federally-funded 'marijuana' eradication helicopters.

Reverend Christie is as sincere and dedicated as he is qualified in reclaiming the spiritual legitimacy of the world's oldest global culture. Among other accomplishments during his 25 years of human rights work in Hawaii, in 2000 Reverend Christie was a recipient of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii’s Ho’omaluhia (Peacemaker) Award. He is also a member of the Board of Peaceful Sky Alliance

Sacrifices made by previous generations, guaranteeing our spiritual freedom, demand to be remembered and reclaimed by every generation. Outrage permeates the ethereal dimensions! A deafening, ancient outcry from generations before us screams that it is not enough to simply indulge in selected freedoms while letting others languish for lack of understanding and appreciation. The integrity of human spiritual evolution is being blatantly assaulted.

The Constitution is being shredded by the shamelessly unobjective court, desecrating the First Amendment. Help make Roger Christie's the last marijuana trial. Call in this Sunday at high noon to do something about it while there's still time to evolve beyond the present trajectory to foreseeable extinction.

Guest call-in number: 1 (347) 202-0195