Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why we must exercise "Essential Civilian Demand" before the November vote on Prop 19

Many people all over the world agree and insist that the so-called "war on drugs" must end. Prohibition has been known to be counter-productive (worse than merely a failure) since the 1920's when alcohol prohibition achieved the same results as the present day prohibition of marijuana is doing. Violence, black markets, abuse, corruption and polarization are the inevitable result of current policy. So why do we need a vote to "end" [sic] marijuana prohibition in November when people are being killed and sitting in prison right now?

"Essential Civilian Demand" for Cannabis could end prohibition -- in a week -- using existing laws to supersede the blatantly illegal statutes being used to impose "strategic resource" scarcity.

Failure to recognize the true value of Cannabis, and the lingering effects of Reefer Madness, have allowed prohibition to continue. Now that the real value of Cannabis is commonly known, and the harms of prohibition beyond doubt, then a challenge of rightful jurisdiction is the most direct and effective way to resolve the imbalances created.

To vote on such an obvious miscarriage of justice legitimizes the authority of those economic forces who have interfered with needed changes since the 1930s. This is an opportunity to identify the larger wrong that has allowed corporate/political manipulation to erode our natural, god-given rights to "every herb bearing seed."

I challenge the authority of any court that says I can't feed my family the most nutritious food on the planet, fresh and living, directly from my garden.