Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outlaw Petroleum

If mankind wants its children to survive, then we must outlaw the use of petroleum products immediately. Simply "running out" of fossil fuels is degenerating into a violent, toxic, social evolutionary nightmare, worse than we can imagine.

Fortunately, there is a positive choice available to everyone for a short time. It begins with a fundamental shift in values. Cannabis has never been truly illegal. Cannabis is in fact both unique and essential, nutritionally complete, critical to the development of "Gaiatherapeutic" Industries.

The insanity of "drug war madness" that has afflicted us for seventy-three years, lingers in the residue of a legislated war. It continues to be an inefficient, expensive one of chemically vested politicians, passing laws, simultaneously attacking the integrity of the planetary ecosystem, and perverting the peaceful social evolution of our species.

The Earth itself is the largest living expression there is that we can touch, smell, taste and come to love in a real way. That love for the Earth taken to its logical, proportionate spiritual significance, is the limit of law. Love for the Earth is what makes us responsible to our planet Mother in a most tangible and direct way. A law that violates the health and peace of my planet is no law. It is simply a legislative assault against everyone all at once.

Clearly, the use of fossil fuels as the basis for human economics violates the Rules of the Natural Order and is proving deadly to all life on Earth. Prohibition of Cannabis is a weapon directed against the quality of life on Earth, a toxic, violent legacy to leave for our children and grand children to deal with.

Too many people already suffer unnecessarily in too many countries as the result of prolonged, imposed essential resource scarcity. The result of economic inertia, carrying our moral values away from spiritual regard for Nature, is reflected in our choice of economic base, in exactly the wrong direction. Only through the absence of spirituality in human economics is the use of toxins afforded a positive value.

The logical alternatives to petro, coal, nuclear and other toxic energy sources are obviously agricultural and organic. The systems of Nature must be healed by the natural systems that people everywhere have at hand to do that. The soil and water can be partnered with the sun, through the labor of man in the interest of shielding the planet from UV-B solar radiation.

The single most potent change in value that would afford our species the conversion from imminent environmental, economic, and social chaos to synergistic collapse, is the revaluation of Cannabis as a primary resource. Failure to identify Cannabis for its true value is proving to be a fatal mistake. We don't need to keep making it.

Outlaw petroleum by investing in an alternative local currency. If there isn't one in your community, then consider starting one. Base your money on the regional, natural agricultural wealth, made possible through untaxed, unregulated heirloom seed production. See for an example of one possible, peaceful economic alternative, that recognizes the legitimacy of a sincere, spiritual relationship with this planet. For me, that relationship is deepened profoundly through Cannabis farming. I have never asked for permission to grow Cannabis because I am protected by the First Amendment of the United States and California Constitutions; by the weight of reason; and honor of sacrifices made for our freedoms.

Basing an economic system in natural predictable abundance, as offered by an heirloom seed economy is the most effective way to bring peace and health to the greatest number of communities in this world.

We can begin by freeing Roger Christie, freeing Eddie Lepp, freeing Marc Emery. We can begin as well by freezing the prosecution of all non-violent Cannabis offenders immediately. Eventually a reviewing of civil rights violations committed against the Cannabis culture in the name of a disingenuous legislative war will be afforded in retrospect.

"It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." -- George Carlin