Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aloha for Roger Christie

At this moment, THC Minister Roger Christie sits in federal prison, and the horizons of injustice are being broadly, shamelessly expanded. An honorable gentleman of integrity, wisdom and peace is being imprisoned in the land of Aloha, without bail, falsely judged by a vindictive court-without-a-trial, as a danger to his Big Island community.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Roger has been a righteous protector and ambassador for his community, for twenty-five years. Denied bail twice, his next court date has been postponed until April 2011.

Roger's case is on the cutting edge of social evolution in the world's oldest global culture. As marijuana laws change to reflect the urgent necessity of ending prohibition, the true value of the Cannabis plant is being revealed. Cannabis is essential and unique,beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court.

I'd like to see a coalition of the international, ecologically, agriculturally and spiritually concerned people of this Earth take responsibility for the whole, true value of Cannabis, for a change. If Cannabis agriculture, ecology, manufacture and trade are factored in to the equation of survival, then Prop 19 is plainly unnecessary and in fact a stumbling block to the real change that's needed. Anything that interferes with our freedom to farm in our own individual spiritual way, is a costly relic of a morally and economically bankrupt system that failed to identify Cannabis for what it's truly worth.

There is nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. We are being broiled by UV-B radiation. The indicator species are dying. Wake up and stand up for Cannabis freedom. Help get Roger Christie released from prison. Write to Roger, let him know you appreciate and support him. And if you can, then send this information along to other people who may care to know that the first Amendment is being shredded in Hawaii.