Saturday, November 28, 2020

Cannabis vs. Climate Change Crowdfunding Campaign

Everyone is invited to help pioneer mankind’s transition from toxic fossil fuels & nuclear energy, to Gaiatherapeutic cellulosic hydrogen, biodigested from organic Cannabis stalks. 

All money will be used to construct a demonstration project at our regenerative organic farm in Southern Oregon. We will produce clean, cellulosic hydrogen energy, vegetable protein and herbal therapeutics, all from the same organic harvest! Atmospheric aerosol terpenes, oxygen & carbon sequestration are a few of the environmental services that are perhaps the most valuable aspect of the project. 

It is envisioned that the study of hemp's atmospheric terpene & oxygen production will eventually be developed, along with a Cannabis energy & protein model of a Gaiatherapeutic value-base.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Eliminating THC limits on industrial hemp in time for Spring planting 2020

Eighty-three years after marijuana prohibition crippled US hemp agriculture, Cannabis has finally been recognized as "essential" in the midst of a global pandemic. This Spring, growing Cannabis for food, fuel & herbal therapeutics takes emergency preparedness precedence over baseless concerns regarding THC content of hemp. 

Organic, non-GMO Cannabis agriculture must be encouraged by eliminating THC limits on industrial hemp, a federally recognized "strategic resource." Energy production, Gaiatherapeutic industry, & food security are every nation's first priority. 

Cannabis processing infrastructure must be constructed using part of the 2 trillion dollar COVID bail-out, in anticipation of the 2020 harvest. These two actions must happen immediately, before the hemp seed hits the ground. Farmers will not plant if they are threatened with having their crops destroyed for testing above the absurdly-low .3% limit.

Spring planting season 2020 finds the world writhing in the grip of a global chaos. In my opinion, at their foundations most of our environmental, economic & social conflicts are caused by prolonged, imposed essential resource scarcity. As a result, forests were cut to make toilet paper, terpene deficiencies in Earth's atmosphere allow more UVB through Earth’s atmosphere, compared with concentrations of aerosol terpenes seventy years ago. Global Broiling is cooking the planet in ways most people aren’t aware of.

It did not have to go this way. It is truly shameful how far my generation has allowed blatant attacks on democracy and the Rule of Law to advance. Our children will suffer the worst of what we’ve created, unless we act now.

The 'good news' is, there is something we can do about the systemic dysfunction that afflicts our collective, extinctionistic trajectory: We must demand that government eliminate the THC limits on industrial hemp.There is nothing about THC that is more dangerous than UV-B radiation. There is nothing more dangerous about THC than there is about COVID virus and other biopathogens circulating throughout Earth’s hydrologic cycle.

If THC levels are eliminated in time, America could recover social balance in time to eject a traitorous, pseudo-president from office.

Extremes of death, illness despair and sadness swirl around the planet. Fear is as epidemic a the virus itself. People are vibrating at fevered pitch, audible in the quivering voices of news anchors, forced to recite escalating casualty figures & dire warnings, day in & day out. 

The FACT that Cannabis produces sustainable biofuels AND complete nutrition, FROM THE SAME HARVEST, ought to ring a bell for anyone who understands the need to grow energy without inducing food insecurity & malnutrition. Cannabis is unique in that. And essential. 

Funny that, in the midst of a pandemic, marijuana dispensaries have been deemed "essential" businesses here in Oregon. I've been writing it for so long, I'd given up hoping that anyone would ever recognize the truth In it. There’s much more to it though.

When people realize the fuel potential in Cannabis, by investing in hemp as a biofuels feedstock for making cellulosic hydrogen, electricity & supercapacitors, fossil fuels stocks will plummet over-night. That’s why there’s so much intentional dysfunction. The longer people are distracted by cognitive dissonance, the more fossil fuels we consume. As soon as we recognize the true essential value of Cannabis, we can begin to evolve toward agricultural abundance supplying Gaiatherapeutic industry.

Cannabis agriculture connects the healing of Earth's atmosphere to our energy consumption. Energy production is the driving force of human economics, but it doesn’t have to be harmful to the Natural Order. If we make energy from an organic, non-GMO plant, that heals Earth’s atmosphere, water & soil, then consumption becomes healthy for people, animals, and the Earth itself.

People have to decide whether they are more worried about THC or global extinction. Those are the choices. Unless we plant hemp everywhere we can this Spring, to produce fuel, food, fiber, & herbal therapeutics, then the chaos that ensues will, at some point, become irreversible, if it is not already.

We have to assume it’s not too late to recover balance, in full understanding that time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Our window of opportunity is closing at an accelerating rate. Cannabis agriculture is mankind's functional interface with the Earth’s Natural Order. The sooner we recognize that, the better our children’s chances will be for a livable future.


Paul J. von Hartmann 
Cannabis scholar, photographer, biodynamic gardener 
Founder Project P.E.A.C.E.
California Cannabis Ministry 
Southern Oregon Ministry Alliance 

projectpeace at 
yahoo dot com

Author, filmmaker, activist gardener

Cannabis vs. Climate Change

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Earth On the Brink of Irreversible Systemic Collapse

"For a long time I have been concerned our main economic measures failed to take into account environmental degradation and resource depletion. If...growth is not sustainable because we are destroying the environment...our statistics should warn us. But because GDP [Gross Domestic Product] didn’t include resource depletion and environmental degradation, we typically get an excessively rosy picture." 
~ Joseph E Stiglitz (1)
Humanity has failed to realistically assess the long-term, functional importance of integrated natural systems. Bingeing on environmental toxins, mankind has been ignoring the Laws of Nature in order to make more money for the past 100 years. Moral detachment from responsible respect for Nature, the quality of life on Earth for future generations is a corporate afterthought, typically dismissed as being too costly for meaningful concern.

It would cost trillions of dollars for our largest industries to be environmentally responsible. Accounting for clean air, unpolluted water & uncontaminated soil would make several major industries unprofitable or obsolete. "Political reality" serves the cult of toxic industrialism, supplanting ancient traditions of stewardship for the Earth. Future generations have been forgotten in the cypher of progress, abandoned in pursuit of immediate profit at any cost.

Over time, chemical industrialism has proven to be inherently unsustainable. After decades of poisoning Earth’s atmosphere, water, air & soil, we are finally forced to admit we are facing extinction. Foundering in chemical and radioactive waste, we can no longer ignore or deny that fundamental changes must happen, now. 

Motivated by GDP and industry’s insatiable desire to control unevenly distributed, toxic energy resources, radical disintegration of the Natural Order is leading to global extinction. Ignoring the primary importance of Nature's integrated systems, mankind continues to consume toxins with little or no regard for the predictable result. Humanity is in the initial stages of systems disintegration right now. The point at which irreversible systemic collapse becomes unavoidable will be reached in our lifetimes, if it hasn’t been already.

The good news is that Cannabis hemp agriculture offers several unique and essential properties, necessary for repairing Earth's systemic equilibrium. Most importantly, hemp is the most efficient, globally distributed crop there is, for turning sunlight into usable energy.

So-called "unquantifiable externalities" are the immeasurable, priceless things we can’t hang a price tag on. Quality of life, pure air, clean water & rich soil are universally valued, mostly in an abstract, often spiritual sense, but not in a corporate, numerical way. Since they can’t be assigned a number value, unquantifiables are routinely left out of the resource exploitation equation. 

Inevitably, the real price of industrial profit is eventually paid by people and animals downstream, geographically & chronologically. Generations that follow ours are heading toward degenerative health, a degraded environment, and violent collapse of the human social order, unless we act in a time-efficient, globally coordinated campaign of organic, non-GMO agriculture, immediately. 

The Spring planting season of 2020 is precious beyond measure. We don’t know how many growing seasons we have left before "cascading systems failures" and "non-linear extinction level events" become irreversible. (2) Indicator-species populations have been crashing for decades. Yet humans continue to consume toxic, Gaiacidal resources degrading Earth’s environment, as though there were no alternatives. There are many things that can be done to heal the planet; but, there is only one plant possessing all of the properties necessary for doing everything that needs to be done, in the time we may have left to make a difference.

Cannabis hemp is uniquely qualified to replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Hemp simultaneously replenishes Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen & solar-protective terpenes, (3) sequesters carbon, feeds the world, ends economic disparity, expands the arable base, and purifies the hydrologic cycle. At the same time, Cannabis heals our bodies and calms our minds. 

A crop so useful and beneficial sounds too good to be true, making it especially difficult to talk about after eight decades of "drug war" propaganda. Whether our species is capable of making the requisite shift in value from "illegal" to essential remains to be seen. 

The so-called "political reality" we’re presently slugging our way through can be characterized as "Cannabis is valuable but, (despite decades of gold standard science to the contrary) THC is still "dangerous" enough to require government oversight & regulation." Because the lies of "Reefer Madness" persist, the scale of production is being suppressed, and availability is being constricted. 

As awareness grows about the unique & essential environmental services of Cannabis, a truly free market will eventually evolve infrastructural changes, in response to the  influence of clean, inexpensive, hemp-based fuels. The most time efficient, globally distributed & cost-effective means of providing energy to billions of people, while healing the Earth, is in the stalk of the hemp plant.

Since Cannabis is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest, food security, nutrition & herbal therapeutic availability are vastly improved. The cellulose-rich stalks are harvested and biodigested to produce hydrogen, powering electrical generation. The seeds & leaves provide proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and more.

Expansion of the arable base using a non-invasive "pioneer" crop, that produces complete nutrition for man & animals; and sustainable energy, as it heals the air, water & soil; is essential in order to increase the carrying capacity of this planet. Unless this is done soon, population displacement and species extinction will continue to get worse.

All nations must coordinate a global agricultural campaign, repurposing their military forces from armies to farmers. The mission is to plant Cannabis in every soil & climate condition to which it may be able to adapt. That would be the most logical way to achieve balanced atmospheric conditions, and essential resource distribution in the shortest span of time possible.

Whether mankind is capable of achieving the requisite polar shift in Cannabis value, from "illegal" to essential, with determine whether or not our children & grandchildren will survive on Earth, beyond the 21st century.


Paul J. von Hartmann 
Cannabis scholar, photographer, biodynamic gardener 
California Cannabis Ministry
Ashland, Oregon 97520


  1. The Guardian News. It's time to retire metrics like GDP. They don't measure everything that matters. Joseph E Stiglitz is a Nobel laureate in economics and the co-author of "Measuring What Counts: The Global Movement for Well-Being"
  2. IPCC Report, 2014
  3. Fragrance of pine forests helps to slow climate change

Saturday, December 21, 2019

*Prevention, treatment & cure for White-nose Syndrome in Bats using Cannabis extracts

My suggestion for prevention, treatment & cure for White-nose Syndrome in bats is to fumigate infected populations using aerosol terpenes extracted from Cannabis. Anti-fungal properties of Cannabis extracts are well established. Naturally occurring terpenes are non-toxic and may be beneficial to the health of mammals, fish and birds.

"The known sterol β-sitosterol-3-O-β-d-glucopyranosyl-6′-acetate was isolated for the first time from cannabis. Compounds 6 and 7 displayed significant antibacterial and antifungal activities, respectively, while 5 displayed strong antileishmanial activity." (1)

"Fogging" the caves with plant-based terpenoid compounds, using timers on fogging equipment placed inside the caves, would be the safest, most effective, least intrusive way to apply the materials.

  • "Terpenoid phenols, including carvacrol, are components of oregano and other plant essential oils that exhibit potent antifungal activity against a wide range of pathogens, including Candida albicansStaphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa." (2)

  • Readiness: How sufficiently developed is the idea? Do intended users have to develop other technologies or methods to apply the idea? Can it use “off the shelf” parts to carry out? (20%)

This idea is ready to deploy immediately, with an abundance of raw material available for extraction in Oregon. Involvement with the Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center would expedite development and application of this idea. (3)

  • Deployment Scale: Which geographic regions of the United States and Canada will the idea work in? Can it work in more than one region?  What kinds of bat habitats can the idea work in? Will it work in the presence and absence of P.destructans? (15%)

The idea will work in all regions of the US.

  • Species Susceptibility: Will the idea work for the most highly susceptible bat species? (20%)

Yes, the idea will work for the most highly susceptible bat species.

  • Ease of Use: How easy is the idea to apply? For example, will carrying it out require significant physical exertion, extensive time in the field, highly trained scientists or other specialists, or significant safety training and precautions? (10%)

The method of application will require a minimum of effort, beyond transport of portable fogging equipment to the sites where it is to be set up, left overnight, and recovered after several applications of aerosol terpenes.

  • Cost Efficiency: Submitted solutions are not required to include a specific cost per bat to implement the idea, but do you have a sense of what it would cost to implement the idea? (10%)

The cost of the program would be minimal, since useable plant material is abundant and steam distillation relatively inexpensive. Fogging equipment would be simple to build.

  • Efficacy: How effective is the treatment at the point of application to eliminate or weaken P.destructans to help bats survive? (25%)

The treatment would be very effective, without unintended consequences.

  • Risk to Resources: When used at the proposed scale, will the idea keep harm to native natural or cultural resources at a minimum? Solutions that the judges find help bats, but only at the expense of causing irreparable harm to natural or cultural resources near bat populations, or solutions that cause significant harm to bats themselves, will not be considered for winning this Challenge.

Terpenes derived from plants are biocompatible with mammals. Insects, fungus and viruses are susceptible to terpenes. (4)

Thank you for your consideration, and for your great works.


Paul J. von Hartmann
Cannabis scholar, photographer (5)

1. Biologically Active Cannabinoids from High-Potency Cannabis sativa. 
2. Mechanism of Antifungal Activity of Terpenoid Phenols Resembles Calcium Stress and Inhibition of the TOR Pathway

3. OSU’s Global Hemp Innovation Center

4. A New MRSA Defense : Marijuana extracts kill antibiotic-resistant MRSA without a high.

5. Cannabis vs. Climate Change

"My team accepts and understands the Terms and Conditions described in the Challenge and agrees to abide by them."

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Climate change & the rise in deadly fungal infections

The role played by terpenes in our bodies and circulating throughout the Earth's ecosystem are analogous. Terpenes have been a point of interest for me since 1997, when I was introduced to Cannabis terpenes by my friend Vito Mediavilla, eminent research scientist at the Swiss Federal Research Station near Bern.

Since then I learned about the physical dynamic of terpenes, that rise into the atmosphere, where they perform several critically important environmental services.

As they ascend into the stratosphere, terpenes reflect solar UV-B radiation away from the planet and serve as cloud condensation nuclei, forming "bright and persistent clouds." (3)

As a component of the hydrologic cycle, terpenes may play an increasingly significant role in purifying water of pathogens, that may be increasing as the concentration of terpenes is reduced by deforestation and death of marine phytoplankton.

"Pentacyclic triterpenes such as β-amyrin and cycloartenol have been shown to possess numerous biological activities including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties (Vázquez et al., 2012; Moses et al., 2013). These triterpenes are key contributors to the pharmacological properties of numerous medicinal herbs (Kirby et al., 2008; Yadav et al., 2010; Sawai and Saito, 2011)." (2)

Now, think about how...

"From 2012 to 2015, pathogenic versions of the fungus Candida auris arose independently in Africa, Asia and South America. The versions are from the same species, yet they are genetically distinct, so the spread across continents couldn’t have been caused by infected travelers, says Arturo Casadevall of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health." (1)

"Since mid-2016, when reporting of C. auris infections began in the United States, there have been nearly 700 cases confirmed in 12 states, with deadly outbreaks occurring among patients in hospitals and other health care facilities. More than 30 countries around the world have also reported cases. The fungus causes dangerous infections of the blood, brain, heart and other parts of the body. Studies show that an invasive infection can be fatal 30 to 60 percent of the time. And some infections are resistant to all available antifungal medications." (1)

"Meanwhile, other fungi are wreaking destruction on many animals and plants, including frogs (SN: 4/27/19, p. 5), snakes (SN: 1/20/18, p. 16) and trees (SN: 5/3/03, p. 282). “A lot of our fellow creatures are being wiped out,” Casadevall says. And while mammals have tended to be “remarkably resistant to invasive fungal diseases,” he says, bats have been hit hard by outbreaks of a fungus that causes white nose syndrome in part because their body temperature drops during hibernation (SN Online: 7/15/19)." (1)

Recently it was reported that "An astonishing number of viruses are circulating around the Earth's atmosphere -- and falling from it" (4)

It seems to me that there is an urgent necessity of replenishing the Earth's atmosphere with terpenes, largely overlooked by those people concerned with climate change. #Cannabis #hemp is being revealed as a "Gaiatherapeutic" remedy needed to heal Earth's atmosphere of immune suppressive, Earth-broiling UV-B radiation, and airborne bio-pathogens.

How long will it take to conduct the global conversation that’s needed to heal this planet and human society?



1. Climate change could raise the risk of deadly fungal infections in humans
Outbreaks of Candida auris have recently erupted around the world

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An astonishing number of viruses are circulating around the Earth's atmosphere -- and falling from it
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Friday, February 19, 2016

Virus of Ignorance

Dear friends,

It is too early in the morning, again. I awaken to the gentle sound of my son's quiet breathing. I wonder what I can do to be a better father. At home and in school he's doing great. He is healthy, happy, well-nourished, nurtured, loved and provided for. It is his future and the future of all children that continues to concern me.

Increasingly pervasive systemic imbalance, is suspended above every child's head. This awareness invades my sleep almost every morning. Observing the day-to-day transition of Cannabis value, from "illegal" to essential, it is as if a virus of ignorance has come to dominate our social evolution. If "Reefer Madness" was the wound, that threatens to terminate our existence on this planet, then the initiative process that obstructs timely progress to finally, completely and immediately ending prohibition is like a lingering, systemic infection disguised as  a remedy, that will not go away.

Almost every measure of environmental, economic and social systemic health & balance, reveals degeneration into an unthinkable future for our children and grandchildren. In the face of imminent extinction we continue to accept essential resource scarcity, inflicted by successive outlaw regimes. 

In spite of the fact that the contemporary Cannabis culture has had ample time and opportunity to become aware of and communicate the true value of Cannabis, very few of the people who work for ending prohibition will acknowledge that "hemp" is federally recognized as a "strategic resource" in seven Executive Orders, signed by Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, and Obama. 

Very few people working to end prohibition seem to appreciate the legal significance of Cannabis as an essential, "herb bearing seed." None seem to take seriously the many inarguable differences between drugs and herbs; and that failure to distinguish between drugs and herbs has rendered Cannabis laws "void for vagueness." 

Though hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted on attorney fees, few people who have been busted for pot seem willing to stand-up and speak for themselves in court. Very few of the wealthy pot growers and medical marijuana moguls who are making bank  slinging herb are willing to fund time-efficient strategies for ending marijuana prohibition completely and immediately.

All it would take is one 'pro se' class-action lawsuit, challenging the rightful jurisdiction of any court over any "herb bearing seed" to end all plant prohibitions. By now, only liars and fools fail to acknowledge that the "war on drugs" is counter-productive to its own stated objectives. 

Considered for its multi-level strata of lessons to be gleaned, all rational, analytical analyses of prohibition reveals evermore profound level of disfunction. Once prohibition is finally ended, and all "drug war dinoswhores" either die or retire, open, objective retrospective analyses will reveal prohibition as a prolonged, incomprehensibly lucrative ruse, an obscene exaggeration of an intentionally failed, fiscally insane, malicious government policy. 

Like income taxes. When people spend money they pay excise taxes, at the cash register. no personal accounting is required. The business owner's computer automatically separates tax from gross income and the government winds up with its share. 

As it is, every year, countless hours of precious personal life, professional productivity, healing relaxation, home chores and priceless family time, are wasted on forced accounting. More time and money are wasted on audits, court battles, tax legislating, administration and other spin-off activities related to taxation of income.

Problems are profitable for people selling expensive solutions that don't work. Prohibition and income taxation are the two most overtly illegal activities of our government. As long as either of them remains, we will be neither free nor strong enough to oppose criminality at every level of society. 

Failing to recognize the inherent criminality of prohibition, and the intentionally inefficient and publicly disempowering effects of income taxation, requires a level of denial that completely obliterates reality. To date, both primitive, inefficient, wasteful societal afflictions have, in tandem, effectively disappeared the backbone of entire generations. 

Having defended myself in federal court twice, and testified on the record in many others, I can report first-hand that there is no power greater than the truth, plainly spoken. The Department of Commerce and the IRS have been presented with the limit of law, and retreated. Individuals have rights that organized groups do not. The collective power of each person's immutable, natural, god-given rights is unconquerable. 

The evolution of revolution is revaluation. Thinking "outside the bong" reveals the true value of Cannabis as an essential "strategic resource" for several inarguable reasons. The fact that Cannabis is the only crop that provides complete nutrition, and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest, makes "hemp" mankind's functional interface with the Natural Order. 

There are several other properties of Cannabis that make it both unique and essential to mankind's existence on this planet. Since humans have cut down half of the boreal forests to make paper (that could have been made better, cheaper, and with less pollution ("BeCAWLeP") from hemp); And killed half of the marine phytoplankton that used to emit atmospheric aerosols that shield the Earth from the Sun; Cannabis now essential for the timely production of stratosphere aerosols, called "terpenes" that reflect solar UV-B radiation away from he planet, and "seed" cloud formation.

There are several effects of atmospheric terpene production that can be logically assumed. Purification of Earth's hydrologic cycle by atmospheric terpenes seems too obvious to doubt. Redistribution of moisture in the atmosphere is another likely effect of biogenic terpene production. Changing atmospheric concentrations, and global  distribution of terpenes from historic levels and patterns can be expected to have proportionate global effects on the systemic integrity and homeostatic balance of Earth's Natural Order.

Without exaggeration, it is easy to predict with a high degree of certainty, cascading, compounding, catastrophic results of continued Cannabis prohibition. Only a population stunned by fear and denial would allow their children to be sacrificed to extinction, while paying taxes to an oppressive, criminal, prohibitionist regime.
It does not take a voter initiative to conclude that the immediate judicial review and release of all "Green Prisoners" is an urgent priority. It does not take a vote to determine that all strains of Cannabis possess nutraceutical, uniquely effective, endogenously therapeutic properties, with unparalleled safety. 

What court has rightful jurisdiction over your endogenous cannabinoid system? What court has the right to impose essential resource scarcity? The only thing that keeps prohibition from endings the unwillingness of the contemporary Cannabis culture to legitimize itself as the world's most ancient global culture. "Permits? We don't need no stinking' permits!"

If the grassroots Cannabis movement ever manages to get its head out of its ass, and direct funding to "essential civilian demand" for Cannabis, then future generations may have a shot at recovering environmental balance, and achieving symbiotic relationship with the Earth. If we continue to be misled into wagering our freedom on a popular vote to beg for flawed, incremental "propositions" ten we will continue to be misdirected into subservience to the monied elite.

The oxymoronic "drug policy reform establishment" has been successful in leading the grassroots by our trusting, easily distracted noses, pitching the end of prohibition as something far, far away. 

So, if you are grass-fed-up with "bleating around the bush"; if the ego-rush of your "freedom to complain" has peaked and you're looking for the real deal, then remember what Frederick Douglass pointed-out way back in 1857, before the last Civil War: "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will."

"Essential civilian demand" for a "strategic" "herb" "of first necessity to the wealth and protection of country" and planet, recognizes 'time' as the limiting factor in the equation of survival. There so time or sane reason left for a popular vote. WAKE UP! 

No, really!!! WAKE UP to the true, essential value of Cannabis! Hemp is valuable beyond the right jurisdiction of any court! If you have an extra dollar to invest in our children's future, then please help me help you help everyone. I apologize for asking, I understand money is tight, but time is running out. There is no money on a UV-Broiled planet. As long as the illusion of value continues to color the mass illusion of the majority, we have a chance to use the existing economic structure to effect meaningful change. As values shift, society will become more chaotic. Before the machine breaks down completely, and ubiquitous violence becomes unstoppable, we must direct coordinated essential demand, using all existing infrastructure to implement a massive global campaign of cultivation.

Cannabis plays an analogous role in maintaining the health of the Earth, as it does with each individual's personal well-being. Because mankind's industry has had such a huge, detrimental effect on the Earth, it is hopeful to realize that we could have as great a beneficial influence, were we to consciously coordinate the transformation of armies to "farmies." 

Hemp is exceptional in being a non-invasive, pioneer crop. There is no better choice than hemp for expansion of the arable base. Since Cannabis terpenes nucleate bright and persistent clouds, it can be said with some confidence that hemp participates in making its own rain. As feed and cover for wildlife, there is no better choice than hemp. As a seasonal wind-break, as a healthful source of entheogenics, euphorics, holistic nutrition and Gaiatherapeutic industrial feedstock, there is nothing that even comes close to Cannabis.

Is it really necessary to argue this in court? Are we that primitive we cannot see how technology has limited our ability to "think outside the bong" about Cannabis? The only crop that produces both edestin and albumin proteins is beyond value on a planet whose fish are dying, whose ruminant meat animals generate significant quantities of greenhouse gasses, as beef processing consumes thousands of gallons per pound of protein, and pollutes the water with antibiotics.

There are several obvious dissimilarities that prevent a "strategic" "herb bearing seed" from being reasonably confused with a "Schedule One drug." It is stunning to realize that in the 21st Century, the contemporary Cannabis culture is willing to accept the wrongful jurisdiction of outlaw courts erecting economic barriers to Justice. 

Whatever objective judicial oversight there may be, is needed to responsibly address the obvious, fundamental discrepancies between drugs and herbs. Obviously, drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. Herbs also proved innumerable benefits to the Earth, to people, and to the animals with whom we share this planet. Mankind is far beyond its rightful authority in legislating scarcity of an unique and essential herb that other creatures also depend upon for their survival.

It is impossible to conceive of how many ways man's thoughtless disregard for Nature has resulted in a litany of unspeakable cruelties, inflicted on billions of our fellow-human beings; to say nothing of our species' complete, immoral disregard of the other creatures whom we are rudely crowding off of this planet. 

There is perhaps no greater extreme of injustice than humanity's murderous cruelty and disrespect of Cetacean species. Whales and dolphins are certainly mankind's vastly under-appreciated Masters of Evolution. 

The most urgent lesson humans have to learn, in order for all species to survive, is the thirty-five million-year-old economic system of the Cetaceans, succinctly described as "Dolphin Economics." Based in unlimited natural abundance, Dolphin Economics can be summed up as, "You help me help you help everyone." It is the foundation of peace. 

Fortunately for us, Cetacean species are non-violent. Imagine if dolphins and whales were as voracious and aggressive as sharks, cruel as corporate gangsters and misanthropic as a prohibition-drunk, steroid-inflated, rogue police force, both of which are becoming increasingly common these days.

Cannabis agriculture is unique in its realistic potential to serve as a proportionate, global remedy. Because Cannabis is adaptable, capable of growing in a wide variety of soil and climate conditions, it affords the possibility of rapid, global abundance, on a purposeful scale never seen before. At this pivotal time in human history, our planet has never been more in need of a healing, herbal global remedy.

The national security of every country depends on systemic global integrity. Cannabis is unique and essential in providing multiple levels of healing, beginning this Spring planting season. Any person who has questions or concerns about how and why the absolute transition of Cannabis value needs to happen immediately, is invited to inquire.

What it comes down to is that over the long-haul of evolution, knowledge is of limited value in the absence of respect. Nature demands our full and immediate respect. That is why we have the inalienable right to demand full, immediate access to Nature. 

Cannabis is an herb, not a drug. Making a "forbidden fruit" of marijuana only makes it more popular with naturally rebellious young people; and more dangerous, more violent, and more expensive on the black market. 

Every problem anyone may have had with marijuana happened in the context of the "drug war." Counter-productive to its own stated objectives, the "war on herbs" has resulted in a hard-drugs epidemic exploding parallel with and analogous to mankind's consumption of toxic, unevenly distributed, industrial substitutes. 

"Endless wars" are an inevitable consequence of the perverse "drug war" against plants. A vicious cash cow stampedes through the China shop of evolution, funding a run-away bureaucracy, reefer-mad and punch-drunk on its own self-serving opulence. What are the salaries associated with prohibition-related industries? That is the first place to look for funding of a massive global, biodynamic agricultural campaign, to expand the arable base. 

Every possible effort must be made to plant Cannabis on a scale intended to replace the volume of terpenes lost with the catastrophic deaths of the boreal forest and marine phytoplankton. 

There are also considerable environmental costs of prohibition to consider, characterized as "ecological disaster" by those who understand the dynamics of the failed drug war. The chemical-military-industrial footprint of Cannabis prohibition is insidious. When I think about the pervasive interface, throughout our society that prolonged, imposed essential resource scarcity has imposed, it is like an ugly stain spreading across the breadth of human morals and values, determining the unsavory character of our social evolution.

People are dying from viral ignorance, that has infected human governance. Corrupted values, disrespecting Nature, have been steering human social evolution toward foreseeable extinction, since before we were born. The inevitable consequence of a poor choice, based in a lie, irreversible systemic collapse has started. Unless there is a major shift in human values, we will run out of time sooner than we expect. Time is the only thing we can't make more of. We must recognize how irreplaceably valuable each and every single growing season is.

There seems to be something wrong. Perhaps I am mistaken, but a virus of ignorance is apparently spreading throughout the land. I see the world squawking nonsense about Cannabis laws, taxation and voter initiatives and wonder at the absurdity of a mad society spiraling our hospice planet into critical dysfunction. I read about epidemic breakdown of integrated systems, hear the IPCC warnings of "cascading system failures" within which humans have chosen the darkest possible role. Our fellow endogenous Earthlings are ill, dying and disappearing at unprecedented rates, crowded, hunted, and polluted off the breast of our common Mother, who feeds us all.

Corrupted human values, elevating toxic chemicals over healing herbs, favors corrupted political leadership. Instead of nursing with gratitude and respect for our Mother Planet, humankind has turned parasitic, feeding on toxins, fouling the source of our existence with poisonous industrial effluent.

Antiquated, inefficient and misanthropic, the morally-unaccountable influence of toxin-based corporate wealth confounds a foundation of Justice, insulting Reason. Human social evolution has been recklessly drunk on Gaiacidal industry, armed aggression and other industries potentiated by essential resource scarcity. Profitable feedback loops have been institutionalized by people who profit from their disregard for the future, or the suffering of others. 

As it is, instead of basing our economics on Gaiatherapeutic, globally-distributed agricultural abundance, mankind has been shackled to the economics of scarcity. The limited thinking that scarcity affords, has been achieved by a simple, though very great lie, that can be defeated by a simple, much larger, abiding truth. 

The great lie of "Reefer Madness" that lingers with us still (like a bad smell), is that Cannabis is an "evil weed."  The lie is more than merely false. It is obviously contrary to what is true. 

In fact, Cannabis is mankind's functional interface within the integrated systems of the Natural Order. Cannabis offers our species a way to achieve symbiotic relationship within the complex matrix of long-term, living interrelationship that defines and determines sustainable existence. Humans require Cannabis is proved by the present threat of global extinction. If Cannabis had never been banned, we would not be facing systemic collapse. Evolution demands that humans shift our collective values in a coordinated way to favor healing of the Earth. If we fail to achieve the degree of agricultural freedom necessary to heal the Earth in time to avert systemic collapse, our children and grand children will suffer the worst of an unthinkable future.

Voter initiatives are okay for deciding less critical issues, subject to decision by majority opinion. For matters of greater consequence and global significance, a different path must be taken. The present, tragic, insidious dysfunction is an untenable, inadequate, impotent response to the unprecedented threats we face.

Sean Parker's celebrated support financial support for AUMA has in some people's thinking, legitimized a brazenly anti-Constitutional initiative that violates the First Amendment. No matter who spends what on whatever nonsense is passed-off, under color of law, as a legitimate voter initiative, the fact remains that our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. The First Amendment is the only law needed to reclaim rightful jurisdiction over "every green herb." Since drugs don't make seeds, it is a simple matter to tell them apart.

The legal distinction between drugs and herbs is foundational to the integrity of our system of Justice. What rightful authority is there in imposing essential resource scarcity? How can a democratic government claim to serve the "free market economy" when a federally-recognized as "strategic" industrial crop has been banned for almost eighty years? 

Radical economic disparity, results from uneven distribution of essential resources. If everyone was to have what they need in their own bio region, then there would be much greater efficiency from production to consumption. The ecological footprint of man could be a positive one, if we were to work with all of Nature's creatures, with particular attention to our long-abused and neglected, sacred plant princess, the ancient, mythical diva we call Cannabis. 

The challenge is simply to overcome control over public media, afforded by economic manipulatin, skewing the flow of information. The violent bent of human social evolution occurring today, is symptomatic of the illness afflicting the counter-productive, dominant political regime in the U.S.. Only a very sick country would violate its own Constitution. In a world of instantaneous, global electronic communication, the antidote to mis-leadership is as simple as it s fundamental. Now that the truth is available, there remains the task of letting people know where to look. I trust everyone who 'like's what I post on Facebook, and other social media sites, will share this view of where we all are, in the trajectory we're co-creating. 

Beginning in March 2016, the secular, individual California Cannabis Ministry, will be continuing Project P.E.A.C.E.. By documenting public support for "essential civilian demand " Between the Dreams Productions will continue to advance society toward the inevitable, necessary polar shift in values from "illegal" to essential. 

On the Hemp Road once again, on the Great Pacific Northwest Biodiesel Book Tour of Spring 2016. Cannabis information, instruction, products, books, DVDs and live, a wealth of international, on the road interviews will be available for screening to the public. This will be the twenty-fifth year of Project P.E.A.C.E., the purpose of which has been to shift Cannabis values from "illegal" to essential, in time to avert systemic collapse. 

Anyone who recognizes the urgency of coordinating grassroots civilian emergency preparedness, is invited to visit the blog of the California Cannabis Ministry where a PayPal button awaits your generous support for everyone's freedom. Please visit my YouTube and Vimeo channels, as well as my Facebook page to see what I have intended to serve as due diligence in the polar revaluation of Cannabis, from illegal to essential.

The digital video documentary of "Cannabis vs. Climate Change" is available for anyone who would like to have the ready access to ancient logic and reason in a form that is intended to serve as a legally valid argument. 

If you would care to have me testify in court, or otherwise present an holistic, biogenic, time-efficient, Cannabis-inclusive remedy for the global systemic imbalance we all face, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Blessed rushes,


Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Cannabis vs. Climate Change" in brief...

Paul von Hartmann Salient highlights of “Cannabis vs. Climate Change”

“Essential civilian demand” is justified by the increasing likelihood of “extinction level events” that threaten “cascading systems failures.”

For the first time in mankind’s history, ‘time’ has become the limiting factor in the equation of survival. The extreme urgency of initiating effective measures for resolving global systemic imbalance justifies initiation of Cannabis-inclusive, civilian emergency preparedness procedures in all regions where “hemp” may be grown.

All concerns about ‘marijuana’, whether real or imagined, pale in comparison to the imminent certainty of our unthinkable future on a solar UV-Broiled planet.

Solar UV-B radiation, making it through Earth’s atmosphere to the surface of the planet, is increasing due to the erosion of stratospheric ozone; and loss of aerosol monoterpenes, caused by the deaths of sub-Arctic boreal forests and marine phytoplankton.

Cannabis is both unique and essential in offering several, time-sensitive, “strategic” environmental services. For mankind to initiate an effective, proportionate, biogenic response to climate imbalance, the rapidly “closing window of opportunity” is of primary consideration. Unprecedented conditions of global systemic disintegration require immediate implementation of timely, emergency preparedness procedures, in preparation for the Spring planting season of 2016. There is not another growing season to waste.

- Hemp is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest. This inarguable fact makes Cannabis unique and essential for increasing food security and nutrition, at the same time it provides for regional production of bioenergy feedstocks 

- Hemp is the only crop capable of producing sufficient quantities of atmospheric aerosol monoterpenes in the time we may have left, to replace solar-protective stratospheric aerosols that have been reduced by approximately 50% in the past sixty years

- Hemp is uniquely essential in producing the world’s best available source of organic vegetable proteins, and other essential nutrients

- Hemp is capable of expanding the world’s arable base with a non-invasive, beneficial, pioneer plant, increasing the carrying capacity of the Earth.

- Hemp sequesters more atmospheric carbon per acre than any other food crop (9 US tons per acre, per growing season)
- Hemp phytoremediates nutrient-depleted soils, chemically and radioactively contaminated lands
- Hemp conditions compacted soils
- Hemp is an essential agronomic tool for reducing soil erosion by wind and water