Thursday, July 2, 2015

An Open Letter to Pope Francis I

An Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis I
In answer to your global mandate,
prioritizing mankind's return to respect for Nature.

Dear Pope Francis,

Thank you for facing climate change with a realistic and purposeful vision. Your expression of respect for God's gifts of Nature, elevates humanity into alignment with the Creator's systemic, integrated, web-of-life, at a pivotal moment in mankind's history.

I am writing to encourage support for your essential wisdom in considering every possible remedy for recovering environmental balance. The intricate, interconnected relationships in which mankind participates must be regarded with a genuine, functional morality. If our Earth Mother is to be healed of man's past errors, atmospheric balance must be restored soon.

I offer very good news, of an organic agricultural strategy for healing several major imbalances. A time-limited urgency accompanies the uncertainties concerning effects of increasing solar UV-B radiation. that has not yet been seriously acknowledged by political leadership in the United States.

I ask your help, in focusing your global influence on a novel, biogenic remedy, necessary to healing Nature.  By recognizing the true, essential value of Cannabis, prohibition could be ended globally, by "essential civilian demand."

There are several properties of Cannabis that make the crop both unique and essential for mankind's sustainable, symbiotic existence within the operating systems of the Earth. Cannabis agriculture is mankind's functional interface with the Natural Order, an agronomic tool necessary for us to evolve values of balance between consumption and moral ecology.

By legislating a fraudulent value against Nature's most useful and uniquely essential "herb bearing seed," prohibition has imposed essential resource scarcity. Prohibition judge's God and Nature as criminals for this most useful plant. Essential resource scarcity has misled mankind to toxic values, at the brink of environmental collapse and moral bankruptcy.

I propose an achievable, affordable solution to several major global problems at once. Particular urgency exists for healing the increasing levels of solar UV-B radiation that accelerates climate imbalance.

Ours is a time-limited opportunity for survival as conditions degenerate toward irreversible, global systemic collapse. The shift in value from "illegal" to essential is inevitable. Cannabis prohibition must end. The question is whether it will end quickly and completely enough.

The true, unique and essential values of the plant, for healing our bodies and Earth's atmosphere, preclude rightful jurisdiction over Cannabis, by any court. Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. "Every green herb" is our rightful legacy, that comes with the responsibility to pass those hard-won freedoms along intact to future generations.

Organic Cannabis is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and sustainable energy from the same harvest. Cannabis grown in organic soil is capable of sequestering twelve tons of carbon per acre from the atmosphere each growing season. This feature of the plant makes Cannabis essential. Cannabis is the only plant that produces sufficient volume of monoterpenes to replace what has been lost with the death of the boreal forests. Cannabis is the only crop that produces enough fiber to satisfy humanity's voracious appetite for paper. If you were to recognize that Cannabis is essential to resolving climate imbalance, then the shift into alignment with natural values would happen much sooner, as it must.

If prohibition of Cannabis "hemp" had never been imposed, mankind would have remained in balance with Nature. The fundamental challenge of our time is a pivotal, polar shift in values from "illegal" to essential. Mankind is far beyond its rightful authority in legislating scarcity of an unique and essential food resource upon which other species also depend for their survival.

'Time' has become the limiting-factor in the equation of survival. Time is the only thing we can' t make more of. I trust you will agree it is time to consider all possible Earth-healing, "Gaiatherapeutic" protocols, needed immediately for healing our planet.

Unfortunately, Nature's most gifted, essential plant partner was legislated into scarcity. Such was the impact of this mislead earshot, that over time, human morals and values have degenerated into complete disregard for the works of God, The Creator, what I refer to as "The Great YouNameIt."

The legitimate value of the Creator's finest gift to the world is finally being acknowledged for all of its many essential benefits. Perhaps most urgently is the need to generate atmospheric aerosol "monoterpenes," produced in abundance by hemp.  Concentrations of monoterpenes in the atmosphere and hydrologic cycle have been reduced by about 50%, with the death of 50% of the Earth's boreal forests and about 40% of the marine phytoplankton.

As far as I can tell, there are seven uniquely essential properties that make Cannabis agriculture increasingly urgent. Please feel invited to consider further explanation in my book, available on Amazon, entitled "Cannabis vs. Climate Change."

I am also writing to ask that you intervene in the violation of religious freedom being inflicted on my dear, long-time friend and activist, Reverend Roger Christie, founder of the Hawai'i THC Ministry, in Hilo. Roger's ministry closed without regard to his state license, after ten years of open and public community service. He was indefinitely imprisoned without trial, denied bail eight times, and disallowed visitors for four and a half years.

After three and a half years in prison, Roger was coerced into signing a "plea deal" in order to be released. His wife, Share Christie (St. Cyr) is now threatened with 27 months in prison, pending their appeal.

Share, Roger and I are Cannabis ministers, spiritual seekers, among millions in the world's oldest global culture, people who have appreciated the blessings of the sacred herb throughout millennia. The first person awarded as a Ho'omaluhia Peacemaker, in 2001, Roger's ministry was raided in 2010 after ten years of open and much appreciated public service. Imprisoned without trial or bail for four and a half years, Roger stood strongly and honorably for religious freedom, without a single violation while in prison.

I invite you to stand with us for truth, religious freedom and due process of law, and. Ask that you intervene on Share's behalf so that this gentle woman can remain free, to be with her husband, friends and family.

In truth, drugs don't make seeds. Herbs make seeds. God gave "every herb bearing seed" to mankind and all of the other creatures of the Earth.I am writing on behalf of the contemporary Cannabis culture, to introduce you to "a plant of renown," uniquely qualified to heal climate imbalance. Perhaps you may also experience the same shift in value that completely reset Dr. Sanjay Gupta's awareness of the Cannabis plant's true value in healing people of illness.

We are asking your help in achieving a necessary polar shift in Cannabis value, from "illegal" to essential, based in respect for Nature and recognition of the hemp plant' s unique and essential value.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and for your great works.

Sincerely yours,

Paul J. von Hartmann, Cannabis scholar
California Cannabis Ministry
McCloud, California, USA

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good News for Earth Day -- climate change can be healed.

Cannabis is medicine for Mother Earth too.

The "good news" is, there may be something we can do to heal the Earth. Planting hemp seeds takes very little time & effort, costs almost nothing, and all people everywhere can participate in helping recover systemic balance of our planet.

Though incredibly simple, and achievable, this is a very time-limited offer. There’s no guarantee that we are not already too late. There’s no guarantee that we will still have this opportunity next year, or next month, or tomorrow. What’s certain is that if we fail, it will be our children and grandchildren who will suffer the worst of the violent and sickly systemic collapse we have initiated. Many people already suffer from the scarcity imposed by the so-called “drug war.”

I just lost a dear friend to cancer. If Marshall had been able to combine Cannabis therapy with the pharmaceuticals he needed for pain relief in the hospital, he might have made it to his 61st birthday, April 20th.

And so it is with the Earth itself. If mankind chooses to survive, then we must coordinate our collective human ability to communicate. Our entire species must intentionally adapt our social evolution to what we know to be true about Cannabis, with primary consideration for the environmental relationships we may yet be able to rebalance.

Governments will not make the shift in values needed quickly enough without a specific, coordinated public effort. The economic inertia of past “Gaiacidal” values have rendered intransigent control over governance by a toxic-industrial cabal of greed, affording the means for global manipulation and misleadership. Governments have been bought, favoring private interests, not the public good. Problems are profitable for the corporate outlaws selling expensive solutions that only create more problems.

We are all being force-fed unlabeled, GMO’d Frankenfoods; sprayed with carcinogens and dosed, against our will with pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs, through our air & water.  If we are to successfully avert systemic collapse, we must do it now, without further regard to the false human values we were born into, nor the fraud imposed by ignorance and bigotry.

Cannabis is an essential “herb bearing seed” -- it can’t be prohibited. Wake Up! Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs make seeds. Our freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” is the first test of religious freedom.

Any government that imposes essential resource scarcity is a traitor to its own people. Prohibition is treason against God, country, and the Earth itself. Court-imposed scarcity of an essential,  “strategic resource” during a time of systemic collapse, is malfeasant on a scale that defies logic, urgency and the principles of Justice.

April 23, 2015

"Cannabis vs. Climate Change : How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?"

Sunday, April 5, 2015

“Essential civilian demand” for “every herb bearing seed.” Spring 2015.

Enormous possibilities are before us, momentarily obfuscated by the inertial effect of past, toxic, profitable, obsolete values. Morally bankrupt, functionally unsustainable, “Gaiacidal” values are, in effect, treason against God, country and planet.  Overlaid with a transparent veneer of so-called “legalities” the volume & magnitude of imposed problems-for-profit impact everyone, everywhere.  

I invite those people who recognize the wisdom in Nature, and the sacred dimensions of human existence, to join in exercising “essential civilian demand” for Cannabis. It is my intention to advance realistically, scientifically and legally, through this pivotal era. I am motivated by concern for my child, my friends and family, my community and the world of friends I have not met yet. I am motivated by love for all creatures who share this time and space with us. I am motivated by respect for our Mother the Earth, upon whose bosom we gratefully depend. 

At this moment in human social evolution, nothing is more urgent than the cooperation and peaceful coordination of like-minded folk, who are willing & able to think and act 'outside the bong.' Hurdling obsolete "legal" constructs in a timely way has become the responsible course of immediate, global action. 

The polar shift in values we are witnessing has achieved sufficient popular momentum in response to increasing public awareness of the true, essential values of Cannabis, and urgency imposed by the threat of extinction. The tipping-point of the social dynamics necessarily accelerate changes in human governance. Past, conventional, time-wasting protocols that have thus-far failed to effect the degree of change needed to implement global Cannabis freedom, can be clearly seen in historical, statistical retrospect to have created the problems that the “drug war” was supposed to have solved, and more. 

We live at the “eleventh hour” of human existence, threatened with imminent systemic collapse. Time has become the limiting factor in the equation determining the quality of life on Earth in the future. Our species’ survival, or our violent and sickly extinction depends on what we do now, this Spring of 2015.  It is our responsibility, to ourselves, our children, our ancestors and future generations, to initiate the Earth's biogenic healing mechanism that is most globally and immediately available. 

I believe with all of my heart, intuition, experience and intellect, that  biodynamic Cannabis farming and gardening is the healing mechanism needed to rebalance the atmosphere, and shift from unevenly distributed, toxic, finite chemically-based economic system, to an agriculturally founded value system, based in respect for and cooperation with Nature..

Cognizant of the present, degenerating tragedies of violence, war and ecosystem collapse symptomatic of global systemic collapse, currently evidenced in every region of  the planet, it is at least prudent to implement the federal "emergency preparedness" protocol that is referenced in five U.S. documents as "essential civilian demand." 

Seven Presidential Executive Orders specifically name "hemp" as a "strategic resource." Two of those [1,2] convey legal authority for "essential civilian demand" in coordinating a timely, effective “emergency preparedness” response to the clear and present global systemic imbalance. 

If this Spring planting season passes without hemp seed in the ground, then that in itself is proof that our species does not have the ability to adapt, to evolve beyond the obsolete constructs that have imposed scarcity of an unique and essential “strategic resource.”

Certainly, incontestable proof of increasing solar UV-B radiation is the most under-regarded, aspect of climate change. Increasing "UV-Broiling" is deadly, invisible and ubiquitous. Compounding feedback loops associated "global broiling" have manifested in illnesses, famine, death, and indicator species extinction, by confounding systems and relationships that are fundamental to balance of the Natural Order.

The most time-efficient, non-litagious, federal protocol for achieving a peaceful, timely transition to the reality of true, essential, abundant "strategic" Cannabis values, is yet to be invoked. What is the reason for that? 

Time is so limited, the opportunity for reversing the harms we have imposed on the Earth is passing so quickly. Mankind is responding so sluggishly, illogically perpetuating the poisoning of the Earth, denying the true value of Nature’s greatest plant gift. 

People (and just about every other animal species) have endocannabinoid systems to regulate systemic health. It is not too much of a stretch to recognize that if mankind is to exist symbiotically within the Natural Order of this planet, then the planet Herself has a need for Cannabis, to maintain our presence, and feed our desires, in harmony with the “Web of Life.” 

Arguments against Cannabis are so transparently false and insulting to empirical understanding, recent history and scientific intelligence as to be evolutionarily regressive to the point of criminality. Prohibition is institutionalized corporate treason against God, country, global society, and our Mother Earth. The polar, pivotal shift in values from “illegal” to essential, in the court of public opinion, will heal that.

The true essential value of Cannabis will eventually be recognized. With so many uses and benefits to the Earth, Cannabis has become critically essential to mankind's continued existence on this planet. The REAL question is, "How hot does the Earth have to get?” before the polar shift in values from "illegal" to essential changes to the Earth's Reality Channel, featuring irreversible systemic collapse? 

Will mankind continue to under-react? Climbing atmospheric carbon levels, increasing sea temperatures and ocean acidity; melting clathrate deposits in the sub-Arctic bubbling methane into the atmosphere; and increasing UV-B radiation increasing the solubility of mercury, arsenic and selenium compounds? Really? Are we that slow? Are we so entrenched in the mundane and frivolous that we cannot adjust to the pace of change that’s required for our own existence? 

There is considerable legal purchase in the indisputable fact that "drugs" don't make seeds. Herbs do. You can make a drug from an herb, but you cannot make an herb from a drug. They are not the same thing. 

Our freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” is the first test of religious freedom. “Every green herb” was given to every creature that walks the Earth, the Creator of everything. Prohibition of Cannabis is an insult to the Creator, by any name, and a  violation of man’s and animal’s most basic right to eat what grows, abundantly and for free. 

Give thanks for such food, fuels, cloth, paper, safe & effective herbal therapeutics.  Thanks too to Cannabis for the atmospheric aerosol monoterpenes that shield the Earth from the deadly wavelengths of ultraviolet light emanating from our Sun. Thanks as well to Cannabis and the soil organisms that work together to sequester twelve tons of carbon per organically grown acre, per growing season.

Biblical quotes from the U.S. government's officially recognized "God," convey First Amendment legitimacy in re-claiming our immutable right to "every herb bearing seed." Prohibition is treason against God, country and Mother Earth. The contemporary Cannabis culture must overcome more than seven decades of intimidation and judgement (based in corporate lies and racial prejudice) to recognize the true, essential, unique value of Cannabis. We can all begin today, immediately by capitalizing her genus name again, without fear or shame! 

Paul J. von Hartmann
April 5, 2015


1. Executive Order 12919, Clinton, 1994.
2. Executive Order 13603, Obama, 2012.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Respect for Cannabis

“Cannabis” is the Latin, generic epithet identifying all species of an ancient, historically revered "herb bearing seed." As with all genus names, the word ‘Cannabis’ is always properly capitalized. 
It is interesting, though disappointing, to note the pervasive departure from proper form exhibited by scientists and journalists who fail to capitalize a genus name. I interpret this as being symptomatic of the widespread suppressive influence, attributable to an irrational social prejudice that consistently clouds professionalism in authorship. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

West Coast Book tour...Winter 2014-15

With the release of "Cannabis vs. Climate Change" comes the responsibility of giving people the opportunity to present questions and concerns, consider further developments and initiate accelerated progress toward global understanding, revaluation and consensus. If Cannabis is truly essential, as posited in this book, then people everywhere deserve to know, and to understand why that's true.

If invited to present, either in person or via Skype I can offer a PowerPoint, video, and/or slide lecture that will attempt to address the way forward for a peaceful, healthful future.

This Sunday, November 16th, 2014, from 12 to 2 pm (PST) I will be hosting a Blogtalk Radio program, live from Weed, California. People everywhere are encouraged to phone in and participate in the necessary discourse for achieving a polar, pivotal shift in values.

"Cannabis vs. Climate Change" & "Essential Civilian Demand"

Call in to speak with Cannabis scholar, Paul J. von Hartmann
(323) 870-4031