Friday, August 27, 2010

Values, not laws. Evolution vs. revolution

The economic revolution is being imposed quietly by the incumbent regime. As values are twisted to accommodate the interests of the increasingly wealthy chemical class, control over Cannabis agriculture is about to be gained by acquiescence.

The determining factor in responsible governance of Cannabis has nothing to do with Proposition 19. Proportionate humility in the presence of the miraculous is what's needed. Transcending prohibition of the world's most nutritious and useful crop is a simple shift in its perceived value.

Proving the true value of Cannabis means simply pointing out that it is both unique and essential. Once that is established, then the value of Cannabis makes its prohibition impossible.

No vote needed. No tax needed. To concede jurisdiction over the Cannabis plant is sheer madness.

Is it not madness to give over the world's most valuable plant to the system that has failed to acknowledge its true value for seven decades? Regarding climate change and in particular “global broiling” by increasing UV-B radiation, how hot do things have to get before all solutions are considered?

If Cannabis agriculture is the most available and effective way to protect this planet from synergistic collapse of environment, economics and mankind’s social order, then why do precious planting seasons pass without recognizing the essential value of hemp agriculture, manufacture and trade?

"Essential civilian demand" for Cannabis must be carried out before the November elections. This is a pivotal time, and to fail in acting responsibly will cost present and future generations dearly.