Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reverend Roger Christie: First case in the objective Court of Global Consensus

"God" is quoted on the first page of the Bible recognized as "Holy" in the U.S. courts. The first thing God is supposed to have said was in regard to the importance of "herbs." He repeated Himself three times!

Obviously Reverend Roger Christie's imprisonment, and being denied bail, are first Amendment violations which merit widespread concern and immediate action. Any authority that presumes jurisdiction over any "herb bearing seed" is violating its own Constitution. People must take responsibility for the true value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade in a timely manner, or face increasing government tyranny throughout the slide to global extinction.

It's our choice and someone else has been making it wrongly all of our lives. Roger's case is the leading edge of social evolution and a shift in essential values. There are a few things we need to survive on Earth, and Cannabis is one of them.

A lawsuit needs to be brought immediately against all individuals responsible for emprisoning the Reverend Roger Christie. His mother is worried sick, and we all ought to be worried that Roger has been denied bail.

The unobjective court system (franchised & corrupted by perverse economics and unreasoning political power, affording the black market the power to imposed essential resource scarcity, through prohibition) are guilty as Hell of "misprision of treason."

Roger and I have been pointing out for decades that Cannabis can't be illegal, because it's essential!

Failure to act in the interest of national security is the crime of "misprision of treason." Cannabis has been identified by seven American Presidents as a "strategic food resource" that's critical to national security! You probably know that if you've read my stuff. I've been writing and speaking the same truths endlessly for so long on a G-string buget that I'm starting to burn out on doing other than gardening. Hempfest will be my last big shindig. I've got a regional plan to get going that involves starting a local alternative currency for the Bay Area. See for a link to the brochure.

Yet , groups like DPA, NORML, MPP and all the other heavily bankrolled groups, have failed to comprehend the most direct stratgey for ending prohibition because they have inexplicably rolled-over to concede rightful jurisdiction over an unique and essential natural resource.

Why would anyone agree to that? Inducing essential resource scarcity results in chaos, and eventual synergistic collapse. Cannabis prohibition is is antithetical to government.

I got to get going, so let me know if I can help in any way. I sent RC a copy of the Citizen's Rule Book & a funny card. I trust they'll laugh & let the Constitution (included in the booklet) through the prison mail censor.