Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Religious arguement for herbal rights

Recognizing several significant differences between "drugs" and "herbs" is essential for advancing an accurate, inarguable religious appeal to Malaysian and other punitive authorities. Those who consider Cannabis a drug rather than recognizing it as an herb are legally, factually and practically inaccurate.

To allow that inaccuracy pass for truth, as many people do, concedes a critical point of Natural Law that is at the basis of all democratic governments, all human rights treaties and every religion. Ancient tradition has always conveyed the inalienable right to use "every herb bearing seed" as instructed by every god that people anywhere have ever worshiped. A spiritual defense against prosecution invokes "self-evident" protections afforded by a Power greater than government's insubstantial and transient statute laws.

Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. Man makes drugs, "God" makes herbs. Our freedom to farm "every green herb" is a "god-given" right that can never be lawfully taken away.

In light of extinctionistic realities most obviously evinced by global broiling and the death of bees all over the world, the global Cannabis culture is being called upon to reclaim our Natural right by honoring our moral obligation to value Cannabis for what it truly is -- the world's most useful agricultural resource.

In the U.S., public awareness is achieving critical mass, as accelerating environmental collapse looms ever-larger. Legislation effecting changes in statute law, allowing for cultivation of medical marijuana and industrial hemp are publicly supported and passing, state by state. Federal protections afforded by sincere religious regard for Cannabis are being widely respected and cases are being dismissed, often at the point of arrest.

Once prohibition of Cannabis ends in the U.S., hemp agriculture, manufacture and trade will have the opportunity to compete in a free market. Hemp will succeed because of its potential for abundant, global distribution, its sustainable energy production profile, exceptional nutritional values and numerous environmental benefits.

In explaining the difference between drugs and herbs, it may be helpful to point out that drugs tend to be made with a single-ingredient (i.e. delta9THC, in the case of Marinol). In contrast Natural, herbal Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, which convey synergistic effect.

Because herbs make seeds, herbs grow out of the ground so easily that it is impossible to control them in anything remotely resembling a free society. Anyone with water, sun and soil can grow an herb.

I trust there may be some advantage in offering an holistic, culturally rounded view of this issue, in contrast to the narrowly channeled thinking into which most of us were born.

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