Friday, April 27, 2007

"...but the atmosphere itself."

Dear Mendocino Green Party friends,

Thank you for your great works in Mendocino. When I planted Cannabis publicly on the steps on the State Capitol, with Richard Davis and others on Earthday in '93, the Sacramento Green party was a huge help. The event was a great success, establishing individual responsibility for the truth about Cannabis, challenging Dan Lungren to debate, invoking "essential civilian demand" for an unique and essential natural resource. It is time for another planting of sacrament in Sacramento -- this time with Executive Order 12919 and a lot of credible science in our hands.

I'll try to be at your event in June, but June is a planting month on the farm. We already have federal protections for freedom of religion. What remains to be done is to outlaw prohibition, by Constitutional Amendment.

Anyone aware of the true value of Cannabis, knows that a massive planting of Cannabis is our best bet for healing environment, economics, and mankind's current slide into social degeneration. Cannabis produces 58 monoterpenes, which are "atmospheric areosols" that slow global warming by reflecting solar radiation into space and seeding cloud formation. A steady stream of monterpenes is needed because they dissipate quickly.

If someone has a better idea for healing this planet, then I'd sure like to hear it, but I've been asking the question for fifteen years, and by my reasoning, it is in the best interest of future generations for us to assume that this is our last year of relative normalcy. Synergistic collapse of global environment, economics and social evolution could come more violently and suddenly than most people can imagine. The good news is, that it's entirely avoidable, through the conscious shift of values, to embrace regional, biodynamic agricultural biofuels energy production, as the foundation for evenly, an equitably distributed global economy. Esentially, "Eat Your Work."

A new tax system based on excise taxes and "environmental externality" penalties, rather than income taxes, would eliminate an entire bureaucracy that is presently so inefficient that billions of tax dollars remain unaccounted for. Who in their right mind would give their hard-earned money to a government that's just going to lose it?

Since there is not one Spring planting season to waste -- because time is the limiting factor in the equation of our species' survival -- and because We The People have recently acquired the ability to peacefully influence fundamental change in spite of bureaucratic interference (using an unobjective court system like a weapon), through ingenious, affordable and efficient communications technology; it's like the largest organ in the global brain (us), is beginning to wake up, synapses firing and connecting as everyone thinks the same thing at the same time.

"Prohibition is over in our common consciousness, which man's "laws" inevitably follow." --from "Return to Reason", a film by Paul von Hartmann

I trust that folks who are able, will make it up to Mt. Shasta, next Thursday, May 3rd 7-9:30pm, at the Stage Door, to support the California Cannabis Ministry's evening of digital video and hemp foods information and tasting. If you can't make it, watch for the video of the meeting on UTube.

Happy day,

Brother Paul


"Deaths and injuries from climate change are set to rise by more than double in the next 25 years, according to estimates to be published soon. The Financial Times (UK) writes that the World Health Organization (WHO) is finalizing data forecasting that deaths linked to even a very narrow number of causes most closely connected to shifting weather patterns will reach more than 300,000 a year by 2030. The number of disease- adjusted life years (Dalys) lost - a measure of injury and earlier death - linked to warming will rise in the period to more than 11 million. The data, set to be submitted to an academic journal for publication over the summer, focus on the impact of temperature change on diarrhea-related disease, malaria and malnutrition. "

--from "U.N. Round-Up"

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