Monday, April 9, 2007

All our relations,

Taxing people who are unprotected from arrest for the activity in which they are employed, makes
no sense at all. Don't you wonder if the feds will break down your door after you register with
the taxman as a proud, tax-paying California 'marijuana' farmer?

The only function of the proposed tax is to confuse and distract our attention from the fact that
"the green herb" Cannabis has never been truly illegal. Nor has "involuntary servitude" ever been
Constitutional. Income taxation is a tax on your labor. Read the thirteenth amendment, "slavery
and involuntary servitude prohibited."

In a country that outlawed slavery by Constitutional amendment, any state or federal income tax is
patently unlawful. That means that excise taxes are the only legal way for the government to
collect money for our infrastucture. What you spend determines what you pay. Minimum bureaucracy,
and no involuntary accounting.

Why would anyone pay money to an outlaw administration anyway, except that they're scared of
getting audited and fined? Is freedom from involuntary seritude being sold so cheaply to such
predators as the Shrub & Schwartz administrations have proven themselves to be? We are being
forbidden from growing hemp -- at the point of a gun -- and kept ignorant about the true value of
Cannabis for fuel, food, therapeutics, plastics, building materials, and much more. Yet in the
midst of egregious economic disparity and shameless, "problems are profitable" politics, we're
supposed to give money to these outlaws? Give me a break.

We were given "every herb bearing seed" by whatever Creator made this planet. We all make an
individual choice about whether we claim the freedom to farm, or roll over to serve an unholy
consortium of international murderers.

I choose to claim the right to live in health and freedom. I've planted Cannais publicly twice, in
'92 and '93. The last time was on the steps of the capital in Sacramento. I'm a Cannabis scholar
and Minister. If people support the rising of the global Cannabis culture, and insist on a massive
planting all over the world, we may yet be able to heal the atmosphere of our planet.

We all know by now that we have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself, so why are we
continuing to support the system that's killing us by prohibiting the world's most environmentally
essential crop?

There is no truly legal force on Earth which can rightfully demand the product of our partnership
with The Divine. If anyone can give me one good reason to give money to a government that is
contaminating the environment with depleted uranium, violating the Geneva Convention, insulting
our ancestors in every way, then I'll stop talking about coordinated tax revolt, but this tax
seems a great place to start.

Support the California Cannabis Ministry if you want to stop all this non-sense and exercise
essential civilian demand for the most useful, unique and essential agricultural resource on Earth
for industrial planting this June. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. There
is no money on a dead planet, so now is the time to shift our values into respect for Nature, and
cultivating a sincere reverence for the only plant that can save us all from extinction.

for peace,

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

Project P.E.A.C.E.

ENCOD member

Note: May 3rd, 7pm at the Stagedoor in Mount Shasta, California ("where Heaven and Earth meet")
The California Cannabis Ministry will e showing the L.E.A.P. video, Hemp and the Rule of Law, and
the production trailer for "Return to Reason," a digital video documentary tool for ending
prohibition, by Paul J. von Hartmann. Admission free to all who show up early to have a bite to
eat. Hemp seed foods will be available for tasting.

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