Saturday, April 21, 2007

Earth Day Recipe for Cannabis Seed Milk

Cannabis seed is as delicious as it is healthful. I believe that the best way to eat hemp seed is to make "seed milk" from it. Here's how I make it...

Using 170 grams of washed hemp seed (about one cup)
One quart of the purest mountain spring water

In a blender, blend whole hemp seed in water and strain through a seed milk bag (available at most health food stores)

You may wish to add natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave syrup, honey or fruits (i.e. banana, apple, strawberries). A bit of vanilla extract, cinnamon, hemp leaves, and other flavorings can be tried to find the flavor that appeals to your taste the most. Coffee is another great flavoring that can be added for "grown-ups."

The health benefits of Cannabis seed for nursing mothers is particularly important for the essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, Vitamin E, and other vital ingredients. It is a crime that people in the U.S. are not allowed to grow this critically important food.

A digestive enzyme in fresh, fertile hemp seeds is destroyed, and the life energy killed, when hemp seeds are sterilised by the DEA. This is done routinely to seeds purchased from Canada for import into the U.S.

We the People have the "natural, self-evident, god-given right" to grow the world's most nutritious food, to feed our families. I trust that people will support all our right to grow Cannabis in our gardens, at home, for the health and well-being of our families and our planet.

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