Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eat Your Work

"The best fertilizer is a farmer's footprint."

There is nothing more sacred than a sincere, working partnership with Nature. Having good work at which to excel allows for finding the art in a spiritual journey of boundless creativity. It's a worthy goal to reach for. Fifteen years ago, the process of selecting a worthwhile life path led me to appreciate the healing serenity and security that there is to be found in a garden.

If you can grow your own food, then you are free. The practical efficiency of not being dependent upon anyone for anything is profound. The products of an abundant garden go far beyond merely growing healthful food. For me, the result has been a healing existence and healthful life values.

Finding the art in agriculture includes digging into scholarly works to find the secrets of the ages. Cannabis has been a prominent resource, throughout mankind's existence on this planet. For the past three generations, the history of hemp's true value was largely hidden throught he influence of hemp's economic competitors. Thanks to Jack Herer, Chris Conrad, and other Cannabis scholars, the true value of Cannabis has been effectively re-introduced.

Protein determines carrying capacity. On Earth mankind has been neglect in recognizing the nutritional value of Cannabis, which means that everyone on Earth suffers from the imposed scarcity of this ancient and abundant essential resource.

If there is one good reason (that's true) not to grow Cannabis, then I have not heard or read of it, in fifteen years of scholarship and more than twenty years of direct personal experience. There are, however, many good reasons to include Cannabis into a balanced regional economy based in organic gardening and rotational farming.

Impacted, politically corrupt, economic forces have favored chemical agriculture and spawned the economics of punishment. Government permission to conduct research on Cannabis has been banned in the U.S since 1976. With the accelerating impact of global broiling becoming more apparent and destructive every year, the era of asking for government permission to farm the world's most useful agricultural resource is past. Our forefathers didn't die for the freedom to complain.

By the power of "essential civilian demand," as articulated in Executive Order 12919 (Clinton, 1994) I claim my individual right to feed my family fresh, fertile, biodynamically grown Cannabis seed. I also claim the power of truth in challenging anyone on Earth to offer a better, more scientifically sound plan for healing the planet than using monoterpenes to slow global broiling, and reclaim desertified lands.

The Green Market's time has come, the Black Market is being disempowered by initiating a truly free market, based in abundance. Unique and essential Cannabis has never been within the rightful jurisdiction of the court. Subsidised by the EU, and reintroduced all over the world, unique and essential "Mary" is rapidly being recognised as the gracious, capable and willing currency of the 21st Century. The redistribution of wealth, and efficient regionalization of economics, where fuel, food, herbal therapeutics, biodegradable plastics and fiber, biocides and repellents, paper, building materials.

If all of that's not worthy of "sacramental" status, then what is?

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