Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Chris & Mikki,

Beautiful video & music. Very seductive.

Honestly, I wish I could jump on the bandwagon with you & all the other beautiful people who yearn for Cannabis freedom and an end to the "drug war" so badly that they are branding Prop 19 as "legalization."

It's not -- Prop 19 embraces & perpetuates the lie about Cannabis being "dangerous" to young people, and continues to waste law enforcement resources to terrorize the world's oldest global culture. Imposing taxes on herbal therapeutics is unfair to people who are not well.

The "message effect" that W.Panzer referred to isn't worth the federal/municipal legal confusion, the de-energizing effect of passing weak permission, and the willing public concession of rightful jurisdiction over a god-given natural resource that is both unique and essential.

Roger Christie is in federal prison right now, standing up for EVERYONE's First Amendment right of free religion. Prop 19 would do nothing for him if it passes. Prop 19 would have made no difference to him even if it had passed before he was arrested.

Passage of "Prop-Up Prohibition#19" will legally entangle, confuse, placate and fragment the national activism that needs to happen to end Cannabis prohibition by this spring.

A 5'x5' limit on gardens (not even enough space for one decent outdoor plant) means that, for maximum "legal" yield, people will be pushed toward growing indoors.

If Prop 19 doesn't pass, can we use the momentum generated by what looks to be a close vote to initiate federal "essential civilian demand" for the "strategic food resource."

Come on Chris & Mikki, you are leaders in this movement. Lead toward strength, not confusion. The credible science exists to revaluate Cannabis as essential to national and global security.
It is a "misprision of treason" to fail to recognize the true value of Cannabis.

Conditions of ecological necessity make the opportunity for Cannabis freedom much bigger than Prop 19 and more urgent than people apparently realize.

The bees are dying! The Bats are dying! The coral reefs are dying! UV-B radiation is increasing as the boreal forests are cut or die from global temperature increase. Check out my ministry blog to understand more about why Cannabis monoterpene production is essential to our survival-- not illegal!

Feel free to publish anything I write in the West Coast Leaf. Isn't this "newsy" enough ? You've been doing great work much longer than I have. It was chris who got me into the hemp movement that's steered my life for the past eighteen years, and I thank you for that sincerely. But I think you're wrong on backing a move that concedes what you know to be true in the interest of what you think we can get if we go along with the stale, intransigent dogma and lies, the vestiges of "Reefer Madness."

No corporate government tax on pot. No corporate government domination over organic agriculture. If even a fraction of the money that's been poured into Prop 19 is directed toward national essential civilian demand, prohibition could be over in ONE MONTH. The truth about Cannabis is THAT strong in the context of multiple, accelerating crises we face.

[The preceding statement was written and posted in response to a lovely pro-Prop 19 video shared on Facebook by Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris.]