Monday, November 1, 2010

Comment on Viv's statement

Lots to comment, not so much time...

You may be surprised to know I don't support Prop 19, mainly because it will confuse the path to complete legalization. If it doesn't pass, we will have a clear shot at a national strategy for ending Cannabis prohibition. If it does pass, people will go back to their little 5x5 gardens and be placated with that.

Sorry to say that Prop 19 only allows a 5'x5' (a 25 sq ft) garden, not even big enough for a single outdoor plant. Prop 19 pushes people toward indoor cultivation for max yield in a 5x5 space.

The best I can say about "Plop 19" is that it has generated the energy & public attention that has to be followed through with a national exercise of "essential civilian demand" for the "strategic resource" hemp, that's known to be critical to national security -- by this Spring 2011. To miss another hemp growing season in the US would be sheer madness.

I could care less whether the fossil-fuel-burning indoor pot grows are legitimized and taxed, because that dynamic does more harm than good in the long-run.

Grow outdoors! Support sunshine energy, not petrol pot! The increasing price of energy will keep the price/profits up on indoor Frankenweed. Taxes and regulation will further prostitute and distort the cost of Mary Jane. Instead of treating her like the scared Diva that she is, Prop 19 continues to make a whore of the world's most useful and nutritious agricultural resource.