Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Civilian demand for Reverend Roger Christie's immediate release

Roger Christie's imprisonment-without-trial is a blatant threat to national security of the United States. Everything this country stands for is being disrespected as long as Roger remains behind bars.

The newly elected Democratic governor of Hawaii, Mr. Neil Abercrombie, has stated that

"This election was about a call for change. And I know that desire for change was in the minds of those who voted for me and those who voted for my opponents. Everyone knows that Hawaii needs to and can do better. Everyone wants to have renewed confidence that our best days are ahead of us.

"Our campaign was based on a fundamental belief that government belongs to all of us. Government doesn’t exist to serve politicians or powerful interests or the loudest voices. Government exists to serve all the people, and if things are to improve, we must all take responsibility to make it so...

"This campaign was about people, reaching out to one another, and drawing on their talents and initiative. This is how we campaigned and how we will govern."

So, how many people would be willing to sign on to a formal "civilian demand" for Roger Christie's release, to be formally registered with Mr. Abercrombie, the newly elected Governor of Hawaii? Roger's imprisonment-without-trial is a threat to national security in the extreme.

As screwed up as it is that Roger is in prison, the situation presents a great opportunity for the Governor to do the right thing, politically. By making Roger's release the first act of his administration, Mr. Abercrombie could establish his progressive realistic leadership in the direction of healing Hawaii's hard drug epidemic while respecting the legal potency of a fundamental human rights argument.

The Governor is point-person for defense of the Constitutions (both State and Federal) that Mr. Abercrombie is about to swear to uphold and defend. If we call on Hawaii's Governor to issue a "pre-trial pardon" it could transform the dangerous absurdity of Roger's imprisonment into a pivotal shift in political consciousness around the true values of marijuana, the counter-productivity of Cannabis prohibition and the functional legal integrity of the First Amendment.