Saturday, April 10, 2010

"There’s nothing like having children to turn you into an anti-drug crusader.” -- Jack Pitney, political science professor at Claremont McKenna College

Does procreation cause feeblemindedness? Does making a baby make parents completely stupid? I trust not...

As any objective authority in the field of human psychology/animal behavior acknowledges, prohibition causes ""forbidden fruit" syndrome" in children, adolescents and adults. Adding an otherwise absent dimension of rebelliousness to 'marijuana' use, pot and other banned substances are made even more attractive to young people than they would otherwise be, without the so-called "drug war."

"FUNDAMENTALLY COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE" is the only term that can encompass the incalculable, profoundly insidious harm of prohibition. Antithetical to its own stated objectives, imposing essential resource poverty is crippling humankind's economic evolution, and disconnecting spiritual freedom from agricultural practice.

I am infinitely blessed with the love of my extraordinary child, I use Cannabis, feed it (the seedmilk) to my boy, and yet I still understand that prohibition violates his fundamental human right to farm as it violates everyone's. I challenge anyone to give me one good reason that's true, not to grow Cannabis of any strain and potency. There isn't one.

THC in its natural form isn't dangerous (i.e. no LD50). So what do the chemicalists do? They render marijuana into a pill you can OD on. Tax and regulate? More like rip-off and monopolize. Shame on us for letting it even go to a vote.

I don't need your permission to farm and you don't need mine -- if we have any balls left at all. If we don't plant industrial hemp in California this spring, then there's something really wrong with our species.

Maybe having kids does make us completely stupid. Still worth it.

"Oh people,
look around you
the signs are everywhere
you've left it for somebody
other than you
to be the one
to care..."-JBrown

Jezus, people. Wake up, Stand UP.
"Essential civilian demand" for Cannabis. High noon, Capitol steps, Sacramento, May 23rd.

Pass it on and show up.

Tax & regulate is a sucker punch.