Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remembering 1937...

In 1937, small-scale, free-market, organic agriculture was killed in a bloodless bureaucratic coup of incalculable proportions. In 2010 the casualties of the "war of values" undermining spiritually integrated farming practices continue to accumulate.

Though left uncounted, premature human deaths, illnesses and epidemic physical mis-development can be measured in the billions as the result of chemical agriculture, endless wars, and production/disbursement of radioactive materials. A critical rotational crop with ancient cultural and therapeutic properties has been arbitrarily edited from agriculture, making sustainable production of complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels production not only impossible, but a crime.

Harms that result from imposed "essential resource" scarcity include the absence of health, societal corruption and inefficiency, reflected in the unaccountable institutional acceptance of sub-standard alternatives to organic agriculture inclusive of Cannabis.

Pretending that marijuana prohibition is other than counter-productive to its own stated objectives hasn't been credible for a long time. Consider that it is only the absence of "industrial" hemp producing pollen in the farmlands that allows for all that fine California sensimilla to be grown out in our mountain wilderness areas.

Pretending that 'marijuana' and industrial hemp are difficult to distinguish has never been credible. Here are photos to let you decide for yourself.

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