Sunday, May 3, 2009

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In addition to all of this great info, consider that the freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. The First Amendment protects our individual freedom of religion. You don't need to join a "church" to have religious freedom. The ancient precedents set by Cannabis agriculture, establish Cannabis as critical to the evolution of our species.

Cannabis could be accepted as legal tomorrow, if my e-book goes viral...

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Among other insights that can help to free you from prohibition right now are:

We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself! There is no money on a burned out planet! There is no law or happiness, or children or anything that we hold dear.

The world's oldest global culture doesn't need permission from a dysfunctional government to survive! Reclaiming our spiritual relationship with Nature over-rules all corrupted courts.

A "strategic food resource" (Executive Order 12919) can't possibly be concurrently classified as a Schedule One drug (DEA).

Laws being broken by the government can most efficiently be resolved through "essential civilian demand." No more time and money needs to be expended to pass new laws.

The power of the truth is greater than any of us can comprehend.

The heart-break of synergistic collapse is worse than any of us can imagine.

The possibility of global healing is closer than it's ever been, because conditions are potentiating extinction more proximately than ever.

I've been invited back to present at Hempfest in Seattle this year. If you're fed up with 'marijuana' prohibition, then let's all pull together to reclaim everyone's Individual First Amendment right to Cannabis.

for peace,