Friday, May 15, 2009

Letter to Governor in Sacramento Bee

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Doesn't it seem to you like there's a piece of the puzzle missing, like California is playing solitaire with a deck of 51? In truth, that's precisely what's happening.

California is an agricultural cornucopia. But organic agriculture and the free market are incomplete, and cease to function, without the benefits world's most useful, nutritious, healing agricultural resource. What if Cannabis were too valuable to be truly illegal? Wouldn't that simplify the State's problems immensely?

We could farm hemp and grow marijuana openly, without punishment for cultivation or use. If people abused pot, then they could be treated according to their need, whether by treatment or legal penalty. The economics of prohibition are invariable. Corruption, violence, black market...How can you continue to ignore what's so commonly known?

Identified as a "strategic resource" in Executive Order 12919, Cannabis is prohibited merely because (supposedly) cops can't tell "rope" from "dope." The absurdity of concurrently classifying hemp as a crop that's critical to national security, and as a Schedule One drug amounts to criminal negligence.

Please consider the unique and essential value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, the counter-productive effects of the drug war, and the ancient traditions that honor religion and farming as inseparable. In fact, our right to farm Cannabis is protected by the First Amendment, if we are truly, proportionately grateful for the harvest.

The freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. Cannabis is valuable beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Cannabis sis the only crop that produces food and fuel from the same harvest. Cannabis produces 58 monoterpenes that go up into the atmosphere and reflect solar radiation away from the plant, while seeding cloud formation and making rain.

To ignore the true value of Cannabis potentiates extinction. Cannabis is neither dangerous nor illegal -- it is in fact, unique and essential to sustainable existence on this planet.

The most direct route to ending prohibition is essential civilian demand. I would sincerely appreciate it if your office would provide me with the proper protocol for exercising essential civilian demand for industrial hemp.

I think the debate regarding hemp agriculture is of an even greater immediate urgency, and has enormous potential for state funding compared with the contentious and emotional issue of marijuana.

Marijuana problems would all be is simply remedied by allowing everyone to grow outdoors. Indoor cultivation would no longer be cost effective and a major consumer of electricity shut down by the free market. The product of artificial light and chemical intensive growing techniques lacks the CBDs that balance the THC. Indoor cultivation is a perversion of the herb. which otherwise needs no chemicals to thrive.

The world's oldest global agrarian culture doesn't need permission to exist from an economically insolvent, morally bankrupt, dysfunctional government. Unless respect for nature and a spiritual dimension are reintroduced into all dimensions of human society, then our species will not see the end of this century.

The sooner we wake up to the real value of Cannabis, the better our chances for avoiding synergistic collapse. If you would like my help in navigating this issue, I am ready to offer you 18 years of Cannabis scholarship and international communications experience pertaining to this subject from every conceivable aspect.