Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dolphin economics to end the "drug war"

As a first-generation, "citizen of the world" (an honor conveyed by Russian ancestry, a decade living in Europe, and the heartful empathy implanted in my soul by grassroots travel & digital communication), I appreciate being invited to contribute a North Californian perspective into the European discourse. At the base of a global energy presence, Mount Shasta's immensity implies everyone being connected to everywhere.

So many of the counter-productive policies that burden Europe originate in the Unites States, and must end here in order to end "over there." I am working to revaluate Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, for purposes of transcending prohibition of a "strategic food resource."

Please help me by considering the final arguments leading the world back to our Freedom to Farm "every herb bearing seed." Freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed...and every green herb" are the first two tests of religious freedom.

Cannabis is unique and essential to our survival for several reasons. Primarily because Cannabis is the only crop that produces a complete food and several biofuels FROM THE SAME HARVEST. Abundant, organic biofuels manufacture on a hyper-efficient regional scale, and the benefits of increased carbon sequestration/oxygen production could accompany essential food production, not be exclusive of it. Global food security and malnutrition, SOLVED! Fuel production and atmospheric carbon imbalances- SOLVED! Pollution from non-biodegradable plastics -- SOLVED!

Cannabis agriculture also produces an abundance of atmospheric "monoterpenes" that reflect solar radiation away from the Earth and seed cloud formation with biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs). With 58 monoterpenes and possessing one of the most efficient and globally available solar collectors (the hemp leaf), Cannabis presents an "inconvenient solution" whose global cultivation is in proportion to the problems we face. There is no more cost-effective and time-efficient way to re-stabilize the Earth's atmosphere. Both global warming and global broiling by UV-B need to be acted upon immediately.

Climate destabilization is related to economic instability, food insecurity and social upheaval on a scale that is unimaginable. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Cannabis freedom is the best choice for averting synergistic collapse of environment, economics and social structures.

The only reason industrial hemp isn't grown in the US and by UN dominated countries is that the police can't tell the difference between the non-psychoactive industrial strains and marijuana. This is not credible excuse to cripple the world's most useful and nutritious crop. Marijuana plants are given plenty of room, planted six to twelve feet apart. Industrial hemp are spaced two to twenty-four inches apart.

In addition, low-THC strains of hemp will cross-pollinated with marijuana and reduce the price of it on the black market. If people were serious about reducing consumption of marijuana, then take the profit out of it and stop making it a "forbidden fruit."

The economic inertia and persistent social prejudice against Cannabis seems to be keeping the world stuck on a self-destructive trajectory. To revaluate Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade in our own minds, will allow us to recognize spirituality in the land-based equivalent of highly evolved "Dolphin Economics."

"You help me help you help everyone" is how I think of it. If even half of the people who want the "drug war" to end were to send me a penny, I could end prohibition tomorrow, by digital "essential civilian demand." All that's needed is for everyone to say the same thing at the same time. It's a lot cheaper to do that than you might think.

Essential civilian demand for unique and essential resources is an obligation that this generation has to our children and future generations. If the world demands Cannabis freedom, the leaders will have to follow. If we continue to play the game as it is being served up, then our species will not see the end of this century.