Monday, June 6, 2011

Ending Cannabis prohibition is the top priority: Trusting for help.

Though I understand it is considered a sign of wisdom, the hardest thing for me to do is to ask for help. I am weakened by a prideful streak that equates neediness with personal failure. I am trusting openly now for help in continuing to call for the complete and immediate end to prohibition of Cannabis, without limit or further bureaucratic interference.

If this is a vision that you share, then please consider that helping me helps you to help everyone to live a better way. A way without chemicals, a way without radiation, a way without war. Cannabis offers real solutions, but time is the limiting factor.

Ending Cannabis prohibition begins with a solid commitment to historical and scientific proof of the truth, that "Cannabis is unique and essential." Our species has been making a critical mistake in values for far too long, choosing chemicals and GMOs and wars, believing we don't have any alternatives available.

Well, we do. Recognizing the true value of the world's most nutritious, useful, ecologically essential agricultural resource is the window of opportunity we are missing as it closes.

If my observations regarding the Cannabis plant are true and of real value, then I am learning to trust that the information will be supported, better than I can imagine for myself. I trust with all of my heart that is true. The ability to continue has been an often deeply strenuous test of an exhaustible energy and clarity of focus. Some have called it a strength, but there are weaknesses built into it. If you can help, I trust you will.

Time is obviously running out for us to recover balance. Under present conditions, the boreal regions will not grow back and will most likely die out altogether. To put it bluntly, presently we are on a one-way ride to radioactive, chemically saturated hell. Ending Cannabis prohibition is the top priority.