Saturday, June 11, 2011

Global "Essential Civilian Demand"

Shall we quit playing games about the legitimacy of Cannabis prohibition?

Since the bees & bats & krill & amphibians & coral &... are dying, can we all at least 'intellectually' agree and openly recognize? that organic, non-GMO Cannabis agriculture and gardening are BOTH unique and essential (nutritionally, ecologically, industrially); therefore beyond the rightful, i.e. morally accountable jurisdiction of any court.

Of course, an unaccountable chemically-based economic system installs morally bankrupt courts to shape the character of what's allowed by law. Since the numbers of people who want to end the so-called "drug war" all around the US and the world are now solidly in the majority; and because the economic inertia not to end prohibition is so dangerous, obvious and predictable; then the question is: "Do humans have the ability to over-rule a dysfunctional court system, through coordinate "Global Civilian Demand" for Cannabis?"

Sufficient historical precedent and legal purchase exists to put the current corporate outlaw political regime out of the money business, with digitally coordinated recognition of the simple polar shift in human values that has already spread to the majority: Cannabis isn't illegal, it's essential. Ecologically, nutritionally, and industrially.

We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Drugs don't make seeds, herbs do.

"Every herb bearing seed...and every green herb" are immediately beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court IF WE CHOOSE, AS A SPECIES, TO SURVIVE. Certainly the freedom to farm is far beyond the rightful authority of the economically corrupted and unobjective US courts that refuse to uphold our own Constitution and international treaties which we've signed.

In the US and in international courts, an uncompromising legal action against the DEA is needed, reclaiming freedom for sincere Cannabis spirituality under protection of the First Amendment (recognizing the ancient traditional connections between agriculture and spirituality clearly, emphatically articulated in Genesis 1:29); charges of "fraud" and "misprision of treason"; applying "substantive due process" and "strict scrutiny" are all that are needed to end Cannabis prohibition globally.

And we must. Spring 2012 we must be ready to "sow hemp everywhere" or miss the opportunity to recover from our accelerating trajectory into extinctionistic UV-B radiation levels.