Monday, February 14, 2011

"The Trial for the Century"

The true value of Cannabis as both unique and essential makes Roger Christie's trial the most proximate opportunity for ending the illegal war on "every herb bearing seed" through "essential civilian demand."

"The Trial for the Century" will determine whether we are in time to plant hemp this Spring. One planting season may be all that's left to effectively mitigate global broiling by increasing UV-B radiation. The true value of Cannabis in the context of multiple crises makes Roger's trial globally significant, and worthy of international support and attention.

Pray for Roger, and pray that we are not too late to make this critical shift in values, "of first necessity to the wealth and protection of our nation" and planet...

“Trial of the century” is an idiomatic phrase used to describe certain well-known court cases, especially of the 20th century. It is often used popularly as a rhetorical device to attach importance to a trial and as such is not an objective observation but is the opinion of whoever uses it.”

“It’s a way of saying, ‘This is really fabulous. It’s really sensational.’ But it doesn’t really mean anything.” – Attorney F. Lee Bailey

Ref: Wikipedia

Adding substance to hyperbole, Hawaiian THC Ministry Reverend Roger Christie’s trial is surely and magnificently “The Trial for the Century” potentially advancing legal distinctions that are critical to national security and global integrity. Whether our species has the capacity to evolve into conscious active respect for Nature, rather than blindly achieving violent extinction, will be presaged by what happens to Roger Christie and the Green 14.

This is true because, in the end, it’s not really about the “pakalolo.” Roger’ trial is about Cannabis vs. climate change. If we don’t solve changes in our atmosphere, using Cannabis in a proportionate organic agricultural response to increasing UV-B radiation, beginning this Spring, then it won’t matter much what other problems we do solve.

There is no ‘marijuana’ on a burned out planet, so let’s deal with the biggest problem first. We can worry about arranging the deck chairs after we steer clear of the iceberg we’re about to plow into.

You don’t have to be a Harvard economist to know that once the U.S. loses “reserve currency status,” as we’re about to, then things are going to get really, really hard. If we don’t have the world’s most unique and essential agricultural resource in our fields, seeded and ready to harvest by this fall, America will be poor.

Invest in heirloom seeds now, while your money still has perceived value. Hemp inclusive regional economies are the future, so get started planting for seed, not just sensi, this Spring.

Restoring integrity to the Natural Order and honoring the primary relevance of Natural Law in determining the quality and sustainability of life on this planet is fundamental to our survival, and to Roger’s release from federal prison — before any trial.

The ‘trial’ must happen first in the objective Court of Public Opinion, but it isn’t Roger’s trial. It’s the trial of the Cannabis plant itself.

Is “Santa Maria” is a gift from “God” or a botanical harlot sent by “The Devil?” The true, unique and essential values of Cannabis makes the question seem as ridiculous as it is. Prohibition is soon to be revealed as the absurd circus that it is.

In Hawaii the circus will be rolling into town two months before Roger’s trial to saturate the Islands with jury nullification flyers.

Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows someone who has money to invest in the future of this planet. Roger’s case is potentially the most legally explosive focal point for a polar shift in values, favoring “Gaiatherapeutic” industries.

If hemp can heal the atmosphere, as Roger Christie, I and others insist it may be able to do (if there are enough growing seasons left), then Roger is a visionary cultural world leader, entitled to due compensation for the time he’s served and for the libelous characterization, that has been the only justification for the egregious violations of his civil liberties.

Conscious realization of ‘time’ as the limiting factor in the equation of survival makes Roger’s a defense of global necessity. The Trial for the Century could be a turning point, punctuating the global shift in values that has already started.

Discovery of the endogenous endocannabinoid system makes the punitive scheduling of Cannabis dangerously primitive by comparison and functionally obsolete. The nutritional value of hemp seed as both unique and essential; the ecological importance of Cannabis monoterpenes for reflecing solar radiation away from the Earth; the critical importance of a return to organic/non-GMO agriculture; the extreme urgency of planting Cannabis in every possible soil and climate condition.

Add to that the clear and present threat to national security, global integrity and the functional integrity of the United States Constitution whose First Amendment has been traded for the insultingly obviously libelous contradictory characterization of Roger Christie as “a danger to his community” by an unobjective court where the judge works for the plaintiff, that’s imposing a hard drug epidemic on Hawaiian society by eradicating marijuana; where violent offenders are being released on bail at the same time that Hawaii’s first Ho‘omaluhia Drug Policy Award recipient languishes in federal prison; an dfinaly, “the whale in the living room”, the stark hypocrisy of a President who admits to smoking marijuana who continues to enforce marijuana prohibition.

The irrational social prejudice against Cannabis is humankind’ s most self-destructive bias, obviating the possibility of a morally grounded, free organic agricultural market. Marijuana prohibition has infected human ‘politiconomic evolution’ with a Mutant Government Outcome (MGO) “terminator gene” which inevitably conveys disparate economic advantage to those who are willing to compromise the integrity of the ecosystem by valuing toxic wealth over environmental health.