Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the Big Picture

Call in to my Blogtalkradio show at noon today to discuss the Big Picture: "Cannabis vs. Climate Change."

Arguing inconsequential details of ending prohibition is "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." If we have another growing season to make the coordinated transition from global hydrocarbon addiction/overdose to carbohydrate sustainability, we'll be very very very lucky.

Humans have got to grow as much Cannabis as fast as we can, in as many soil and climate conditions as we can, or increasing UV-B radiation is going to cook us. Google "global broiling, hemp" to read details of hemp monoterpenes replacing the monoterpenes from pine trees, declining as the boreal forests disappear.

Arguing about taxing®ulating pot (i.e. imposing an insolvent, politically corrupt, counter-productive, crippling bureaucracy on organic agriculture) is a potentially extinctionistic waste of precious time, the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Cannabis is different than booze or tobacco because the quality of marijuana products is determined primarily by genetics, not agricultural method. While organic cultivation sets the standard for purity, relatively minimal gardening skill and attention to the plants is required to produce an enormous quantity of a very high-grade product. Dispensaries will wind up growing their own or buying from self-regulated caregivers & gardeners who grow more than they need to satisfy demand from community, friends and family.

Free market competition and personal reputations for excellence will determine whose Cannabis products are most in demand. Because of its exceptional degree of safety, marijuana has been traded under the worst possible conditions of social imbalance, without harming anyone.

Tainted products are an unfortunate reality in a black market, not in a free market. Testing and safety analysis is and ought to be more affordable and available for those who want to have their herb analyzed, but .

Individual responsibility for personal choices needs to be taught from a young age. Imposition of regulations on adults who make safe choices based on mature judgement is tyranny.

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Sorry to disagree with you CB, but Flop 19 was a tar-baby that may represent "political reality" to some, but would have caused a shitstorm of legal confusion and a blizzard of media distraction had it passed. As it is, the way is clear in the US for a stronger grassroots movement in proportion to the crises we face: "essential civilian demand" for a "strategic resource."