Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hapby Now! Year! "Just Say Now!"

Starting off 2011 with some very Good News!

The Short story: Cannabis cures climate change. If we want to survive, then we have to plant Cannabis, everywhere, right now.

Short explanation:"monoterpenes" block UV-B radiation. Monoterpenes are volatile organic compounds that reflect solar radiation away from the planet and seed cloud formation. Monoterpenes are what make pine trees and Cannabis so aromatic. Climate research done on Earth's boreal regions show that monoterpenes serve as atmospheric 'sunscreen' for the Earth.

The pines are dying. Not so many monoterpenes coming up off the boreal regions anymore. Cannabis hemp, marijuana grows faster, produces more monoterpenes in a growing season, organically, rotationally, in more soil & climate conditions, to the greatest benefit to soil, water & wildlife than any other agricultural crop.

It is sheer madness to turn our backs on an obvious solution, bogged down in bureaucratic inefficiency and critical resource scarcity/disparity. All that needs to happen is for everyone who chooses survival over extinction, to plant feral Cannabis seeds everywhere.

To grow every Cannabis seed there is for the wolrd's most nutritious, unique and essential seed, recognized in six Executive Orders as a "strategic resource" has become critical to the continued existence of our nation and the Earth. Plant hemp everywhere right now, while there's still time to block the increasing UV-B radiation that's broiling the planet.

Biogenic VOCs (i.e. naturally occurring, Volatile Organic Compounds) are needed, not chemtrails. Right now there's aluminum, barium and strontium raining down on everyone and everything.

Forest fires are burning hotter. Powdered metals have coated the trees, causing them to burn hotter and throw heavy metals back up into the air.

"What In The World Are They Spraying?"

Chemtrail spraying obviously has to stop, but the UV-B still has to be blocked. Check out my blog for details.
Love is the limit of law. Plant hemp now.

Love to All Our Relations.