Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Only Benefit of Being Terminally Wounded

The silent war of values that's been quietly raging, between agriculture and chemicals, is over. Crude oil contamination of the entire ocean ought to finally convince humankind that there is no acceptable reason for using petrochemicals.

Ffuel, plastics and agricultural fertilizers can be made better, less expensively, more efficiently, and with a net environmental benefit.

"Gaiatherapeutic industries are needed immediately to begin the process of healing that needs to begin. The strategies for healing earth,air, water and atmosphere exist. What's needed immediately are "startegies."

If terminal wounding of the planet isn't sufficient to cause a radical reassessment and shift in human values and the fundamental economic base, then disappearance of a dwindling chance that our species will achieve other than violent extinction is accelerated.

How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered and implemented?
The only benefit of the Gulf Oil Disaster is that it may be big enough and horrible enough to wake people up to the fact that there is no possibility of justifying continued use of toxic fuels when non-toxics could be easily, efficiently, regionally available.

The cost of fossil fuels energy is death for the entire planet. Reintroduce industrial hemp in 2010 or not, it's our choice.