Monday, September 14, 2009

Leche Verde

Here's a recipe that will blow your mind in a different way...

Harvest and wash your fresh, organic Cannabis roots.

Chop the roots up and make a tea from the roots in fresh springwater.

Put the tea in a blender with a several hand-fulls of (whole, unhulled, fertile, if available) Cannabis seeds. Organic hemp hearts are available at many Natural food stores.

Blend the seeds and the root tea, then add fresh leaves, male & female flowers, seeded buds, if available.

Strain the LECHE VERDE ("Green Milk") seperating the particles of root, seeds and leaves from the light green seed milk.

Give thanks to The Great YouNameIt, and imagine what magic there may be in synergistic nutrition between all parts of the sacred herb taken the whole plant in a drink.

Drink the sacred milk with consciousness and gratitude.

Blessing to all,


PS. My experience drinking Leche Verdé for a year and a half, while living in Holland, was that it reverses the degenerative aging process, and cut my need for sleep from 9 hours to 5 hours.

Disclaimer : Cannabis effects everyone differently at different times. Individual responsibility for individual choices is where it's at. This is not intended as "medical advice." Consult with your physician before ingesting anything.
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Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious Economics
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Cannabis has never been truly illegal. The "laws" prohibiting the most useful agricultural resource on Earth are truly unlawful because Cannabis is unique and essential, beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court.