Monday, September 7, 2009

The question is...

...why drink processed cow's milk when there's something that's better for most people's health, much better for the ecosystem than dairy farming, and tastes better than processed cow's milk?

If you're not yet aware of the nutritional benefits of Cannabis hemp seed, then look into it to realize that hemp is nutritionally unique and essential. The only common seed with three essential fatty acids, Cannabis is also the best available source of organic vegetable protein on Earth.

Harms induced by the counter-productive prohibition of 'marijuana' have included outlawing research into the many benefits of Cannabis agriculture, therapeutics, manufacture and trade. Cannabis is the only crop that produces biofuels, herbal remedies and complete nutrition from the same harvest.

Why isn't the government telling you this, instead of just some hemp fanatic blogging into the wind? Because "they" are not on our team. Look at the warmongering, radical economic disparity and racism that continue to define contemporary American politics. Despite endless rhetoric propping up people's naive hopes with empty optimism, "drug war" inertia is carrying us further into endless wars leading to global extinction.

God Forgive America for the synergistic collapse of environment, economics, and social structures that U.S. prohibition is orchestrating all over the world. Wonder why people are mad the US? Look at the misery we've imposed on the world by legislating essential resource scarcity. Consider the fundamental chain of conflicts and imbalances resulting from banning the world's most useful, potentially abundant, globally distributed, safely therapeutic, essentially nutritious, environmentally beneficial agricultural resource.

The real question is, how can people continue to accept the prohibition of Cannabis when there are so many reasons to be growing it and time is running out? How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered?

Hemp seed milk is the healthiest drink on Earth, and tastes great. There does not have to be malnutrition anywhere. Hemp seed has no growth hormones, no mutant A1 genes, doesn't require pasteurization, and contains natural preservatives in the form of antioxidants. Every one could be growing hemp seed, fresh, alive and fertile. We could all be making seed milk, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese at home if we wanted to. It's easy to grow and it's easy to eat.

The food industry is a $643,467,000,000 industry in the United States. If you see the enormous potential of this information, then contact me directly to give real value to your wealth. It's past time to be timid about our common future. We need to shift the economic base from soulless chemicals to spiritually vital organics.

"Essential civilian demand" (E.O. 12919) for industrial/nutritional hemp is entirely justified, considering the extreme conditions that threaten our species. We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself.

Search You Tube and BlogTalkRadio for projectpeace. Answers are presented there, when people are ready to accept the truth about Cannabis. The longer we wait the harder the transition will be and the less likely we will be to make it.

There is no money on a burned out planet. Invest in hemp, of unique and essential values. Hemp is the currency of the 21st Century. Anyone who doesn't have fresh fertile hemp seed when the music stops will be poor.

The most ancient and evolved economic system on Earth is demonstrated by the most ancient species, including Cannabis, dolphins and whales: "Help me help you help everyone."

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to shift human values through practical support for accelerating electronic global education of hemp's true essential value.


Posted online by: P.E.A.C.E. on Sep 7, 2009
"Milk May Endanger Your Health, and the Dairy Industry Knows It"
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