Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NORML, MPP, DPA, and ASA are indeed part of the problem

First of all, I honestly appreciate Mr. Amentano's talent and ability in arguing for a normal relationship with Cannabis -- as far as you go. It's not nearly far enough since we are still arguing over "legalization" after decades of "drug war" induced negligence. NORML, MPP, DPA, and ASA have all conceded rightful jurisdiction over unique and essential natural resources. How do you justify that?

Do you accept that an agricultural crop identified as a "strategic food resource" (EO 12919) is also a Schedule One drug? If not then why not force the DEA to resolve this obvious contradiction. Do you really believe that cops can't tell the difference between "rope&dope"? That flimsy excuse is all that blocks a trillion dollar green energy industry from reawakening in the USA.

By misdirecting the Cannabis culture into an endless political morass, the world's oldest global culture is begging legitimacy from a dysfunctional, corrupted government at the helm of crumbling economic and social structures, potentiating extinction. Why not revalue Cannabis as unique and essential and finish the argument?

What I fail to understand is:

How & why you, NORML, and others in the reform movement fail to make the obvious connection between "every herb bearing seed" and the First Amendment. Drugs don't make seeds, herbs do. Not another law needs to be passed to end prohibition of the world's most nutritious and useful agricultural resource. Period.

The world's oldest global culture has centuries of inarguable precedent, fundamental to the most potent state and federal "substantive due process" defense. Is the drug policy reform reform movement so comfortable collecting membership fees and coordinating conferences, arguing for more laws & regulation, that you fail to see the larger truth?

Cannabis has never been truly illegal because it is too valuable to be within the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Why don't NORML , MPP and DPA use the millions you all have to challenge the rightful jurisdiction of the court over unique and essential natural resources?

Have you forgotten that it is the many uses of industrial hemp that originally motivated marijuana prohibition? Why don't you remember the ancient historical relationship between agriculture and religion and invoke Constitutional protections for Cannabis agriculture?

Why don't you recognize that Cannabis is an essential crop, that may be critical to the continued existence of our species on a livable planet? Cannabis vs. climate change is a broadly compelling argument that has yet to widely considered. Google "global broiling" to find my blog entry on this subject.

Honestly, I get disheartened being denied funding by organizations who seem to think that asking for permission to grow Cannabis and establishing another bureaucracy to tax and regulate 'marijuana' (with no mention of industrial hemp) is the way to end prohibition.

Well, it's not. Taxing 'marijuana' another expensive misdirection. The money to be made from industrial hemp dwarfs the revenue stream from a pot market that allows for home cultivation.

Consider the potential billions to be made from biofuels and protein production, to name just two income streams from hemp, compared with the mere millions to be made from the sale of 'marijuana' -- after people who grow start to share it FOR FREE between friends, as we do RIGHT NOW -- even in a black market.

The freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom.

Looking forward to your reply,

California Cannabis Ministry

“The greatest service
which can be rendered any country
is to add a useful plant
to its culture...”

-Thomas Jefferson, Cannabis farmer