Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An inconvenient solution whose time has come

The wave is finally breaking on the extended credibility of dysfunctional governments. For too long, people have trusted in the promise of moral power. The actions of the United States in waging wars and inflicting harms betray the illusion. Wars are foundational to the chemical industrial economy. The apparent, abject failure of the present system in terms of environmental sustainability invites all solutions to be considered.

Collapsing economies, blatant abuse of power, environmental catastrophe, social upheaval, crumbling infrastructures and rampant illness are among the cruelest returns afforded by the present economic base. A shift in values along with a heathy dose of respect for Nature might still be able to change that.

All "Reefer Madness" misinformation and bad stoner puns aside, what if suddenly, Cannabis agriculture were seen for what it truly is? Cannabis is the most useful, potentially abundant, globally distributed, environmentally beneficial, essentially nutritious crop on Earth. How can a resource this valuable be prohibited? By a simple, persistent, critical mis-valuation.

Rather than acknowledging what the founding fathers knew and wrote about extensively, the present political coterie of chemical economists has pronounced self-serving prohibitions on those "herbs bearing seeds" that were given to mankind to be received with thanksgiving. Doesn't the First Amendment protect that?

From the perspective of an international spokesperson, standing up for the world's oldest global culture for the past seventeen years, it seems to me that the span of time it has taken to get where we are is unacceptable in that such an extended timeframe will not allow for timely
expansion of the arable base.