Friday, February 15, 2008

Regarding the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Fifth report of the Executive Director

Regarding the Commission on Narcotic Drugs
The world drug problem
Fifth report of the Executive Director

Pg. 29 :
"Illicit drug crop eradication and alternative development
(e) Donors, affected States and other relevant key development partners
should examine innovative ways to promote environmentally sound alternative
development programmes."

In this document, the United Nations has failed to assess, or even acknowledge, the immense harm engendered by the "drug war," which is imposing critical food insecurity and malnutrition on countries where industrial hemp is prohibited. The United Nations is apparently in denial of the looming global food crisis and refuses to recognize the world's most nutritious seed as food for humans, as it fails to account for seven decades of protein production losses and poverty imposed, by banning a critical industrial feed stock.

I interpret "innovative ways to promote environmentally sound alternative development programmes" as a mandate to cultivate industrial hemp. As long as prohibition continues to profit the bureaucracies producing these reports, over-paid bureaucrats will continue to spew drug war rhetoric and propaganda in lieu of a responsible effort to address problems attributed to drug use, that are in reality created by the "drug war" itself.

As far as I can tell, "religious" freedom is the most potent protection there is against the drug war machine. International treaties and most governments are bound by law to protect people's right of religious freedom. Whether we are protected as individuals, or it is necessary to join a "church" to be legally legitimate, seems to be the question.

Because Cannabis agriculture is the world's oldest global culture, it does not require permission to exist from recently established governments. Because of environmental, economic and social imbalances being induced by Cannabis prohibition, there is no obligation to obey laws that are transparently perverse.

With everything we know of the true value of Cannabis, if mankind doesn't initiate a massive global planting of industrial hemp this spring, then we must recognize that we are facing a much greater threat than global warming. Economic intransigence has institutionalized prohibition of the world's most useful and nutritious crop. Our most proximate and potent strategy for addressing climate change is being suppressed.

Because Cannabis produces atmospheric aerosols called "monoterpenes" that reflect solar radiation back into space and seed cloud formation, while sequestering a ton of carbon/acre/year, the cost of the so-called "drug war" in hindering climate change mitigation, has driven the cost of prohibition up, far beyond accountability.

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