Friday, February 1, 2008

Funding for clinical trials needed

The California Cannabis Ministry is seeking funding for a clinical trial of hemp seed nutrition, used in combination with Cannabis essential oil.

It is proposed that there is substantial and unique benefit for prevention and treatment of cholesterol and overall systemic toxicity in blood, nervous and lymph systems. Anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-oxidizing, anti-biotic to name just a few of its therapeutic benefits, Cannabis essential oil has no psychoactive (THC) component, and is also an environmentally benign pesticide, toxic to insects.

I invite anyone who may be open to the immensity of this project to participate. Ultimately, I am intent on getting the UNFAO to
recognize and encourage the true value of hemp in food security and nutrition. There can be no single measure that could so easily occur that would have greater effect for more people and other creatures.

I am certain that there is substantial synergistic benefit, as the result of ingesting the fresh, whole Cannabis
plant, all at once. I can report first-hand on the effects, and therefore propose to conduct clinical trials using a blend
of hemp seed oil and essential oil. Tests will also be done to measure the extended shelf-life of the hemp seed oil as a result of mixing with essential oil.

It has been my experience, and that of several patients I have
introduced this combination to that holistic hemp nutrition affords substantial, multiple benefits
for a wide variety of imbalances. Because of its anti-oxidizing effect, Cannabis essential oil and
seed oil are as close to an "elixir of Life" than any other substance on Earth, besides pure
Shasta springwater.

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