Saturday, November 24, 2007

Posted today, to the Food Security and Nutrition Forum facilitated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

I feel that there must be one "best place to start" in unraveling the tangled mess of problems being discussed. Of primary need is consensus that the urgency of developing effective courses of action demands that ALL possible solutions be considered.

Most immediate, I feel, is the investigation of causal relationships between prohibition, poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity. Even cursory consideration of Cannabis prohibition reveals an institutionalized essential resource scarcity that continues to impose multiple, obvious and disastrous effects.

The fact is that the UNFAO does not acknowledge the exceptional nutritional profile of the world's best available source of organic vegetable protein, which is also the only common seed with three essential fatty acids. This is an omission that is a criminally unacceptable breech of public trust on a scale that defies quantification.

That there has been an under-reaction to the nutritional information I have posted, evidences resistance to open discussion of this subject. This is usually due to the social prejudice and fear confusing objectivity by mere mention of the word Cannabis. This reluctance to consider an historically respected, critical food resource must be overcome.

In the interest of helping people nourish themselves, while rebalancing mankind's relationship within the Natural Order, I implore you all to actively participate in an open discussion of the true value of Cannabis hemp. I trust that such a discussion will result in the establishment of agricultural demonstration projects in different parts of the world by this Spring.

If there is anyone participating in this discussion who has witnessed Cannabis agriculture as part of a regional agricultural dynamic, I encourage you to share your insights for the benefit of everyone.

If anyone feels there is another, more fundamental subject to begin with, I ask that you identify why it is more relevant than solutions presented by Cannabis agriculture.


"The FSN Forum is a global community of FSN practitioners with members in many countries across the world’s five continents. Already involving 300 practitioners from various fields, the Forum helps bridge the knowledge divide among the different communities involved in FSN policies and strategies, such as academics, researchers, development practitioners and policy-makers/implementers." See

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