Friday, November 30, 2007

"Freedom to Farm 2008"

In order to exercise "essential civilian demand" for hemp, before the Spring 2008, I am filing a
formal challenge of rightful jurisdiction over Cannabis with California State Attorney General
Jerry Brown.

Cannabis hemp seeds are the only common seed with three essential fatty acids, all of the
essential amino acids, and the best balance of organic vegetable protein on Earth. Identified as a
"strategic food resource" available by "essential civilian demand" in Executive Order 12919, hemp
is a critical tool for regenerating the soil, expanding the arable base and mitigating climate

Hemp sequesters carbon at the rate of one ton per acre per year, and produces atmospheric aerosols
called "monoterpenes," in abundance. Monoterpenes reflect harmful UVB radiation back into space
and seed cloud formation, protecting the Earth from "global broiling." Increasing UV-B radiation
has been shown to weaken immune systems, cause genetic mutation, and stunt growth in amphibians,
generally considered an "indicator species."

Conditions of environment, economics, and social evolution are rapidly degeberating to the point
of syergistic collapse.Hemp is a globally adaptable, sustainably grown organic crop which can be
planted in rotation to benefit other crops, while producing food, fuel, fiber, herbal
therapeutics, biodegradable plastics and biogenic pesticides.

Cannabis scarcity has crippled the free-market economy for more than seven decades. Article One of
the Bill of Rights could provide immediate federal protection for individual "freedom of
religion," if we claim it as a coalition of self-empowered individuals.

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Every spring planting season that passes
is gone forever. Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. Our "natural, self-evident, god-given"
Constitutional right to grow "every herb bearing seed" and "every green herb" demands that we
plant hemp as far and wide as possible this Spring 2008.

In June 2007, at the Conference of Mayors in Los Angeles, a resolution was passed identifying the
"drug war" as a counter-productive failure. The time has come to take responsibility and demand
accountability for the true value of Cannabis.

If you share a sense of urgency for effecting the shift in values necessary to transform the
extinctionistic "black market" into efficient "green market" then get in touch and get on board.

Please contact

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

(831) 588-5095

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

Project P.E.A.C.E.
Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious Economics

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