Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good News for Earth Day -- climate change can be healed.

Cannabis is medicine for Mother Earth too.

The "good news" is, there may be something we can do to heal the Earth. Planting hemp seeds takes very little time & effort, costs almost nothing, and all people everywhere can participate in helping recover systemic balance of our planet.

Though incredibly simple, and achievable, this is a very time-limited offer. There’s no guarantee that we are not already too late. There’s no guarantee that we will still have this opportunity next year, or next month, or tomorrow. What’s certain is that if we fail, it will be our children and grandchildren who will suffer the worst of the violent and sickly systemic collapse we have initiated. Many people already suffer from the scarcity imposed by the so-called “drug war.”

I just lost a dear friend to cancer. If Marshall had been able to combine Cannabis therapy with the pharmaceuticals he needed for pain relief in the hospital, he might have made it to his 61st birthday, April 20th.

And so it is with the Earth itself. If mankind chooses to survive, then we must coordinate our collective human ability to communicate. Our entire species must intentionally adapt our social evolution to what we know to be true about Cannabis, with primary consideration for the environmental relationships we may yet be able to rebalance.

Governments will not make the shift in values needed quickly enough without a specific, coordinated public effort. The economic inertia of past “Gaiacidal” values have rendered intransigent control over governance by a toxic-industrial cabal of greed, affording the means for global manipulation and misleadership. Governments have been bought, favoring private interests, not the public good. Problems are profitable for the corporate outlaws selling expensive solutions that only create more problems.

We are all being force-fed unlabeled, GMO’d Frankenfoods; sprayed with carcinogens and dosed, against our will with pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs, through our air & water.  If we are to successfully avert systemic collapse, we must do it now, without further regard to the false human values we were born into, nor the fraud imposed by ignorance and bigotry.

Cannabis is an essential “herb bearing seed” -- it can’t be prohibited. Wake Up! Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs make seeds. Our freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” is the first test of religious freedom.

Any government that imposes essential resource scarcity is a traitor to its own people. Prohibition is treason against God, country, and the Earth itself. Court-imposed scarcity of an essential,  “strategic resource” during a time of systemic collapse, is malfeasant on a scale that defies logic, urgency and the principles of Justice.

April 23, 2015

"Cannabis vs. Climate Change : How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?"