Friday, August 31, 2012

Drugs don't make seeds.

Regardless the decades of time & energy WASTED on inadequate State initiatives, public protests and endless court battles...

The world's oldest global culture does not need (and will never get) permission to exist from an extinctionistic, dysfunctional, hyper-violent, morally & fiscally bankrupt, physiologically and mentally degenerate, evolutionarily disintegrated, transient and hypocritical, corporately corrupted political regime. The insidious prohibitionist construct can only result in the inevitable counter-productive result we are willingly participating in.  

ANY tolerance for ideas about controlling, taxing and regulating any "herb"  -- as if it really was a "drug" -- is fundamentally misguided from the outset.  "Drugs" don't make seeds. "Herbs" make seeds. You can make a drug from an herb but you can't make an herb from a drug! They are not the same thing! Where is the legal distinction that reflects the reality of the many differences between drugs and herbs?

Why does the contemporary Cannabis culture simply continue to accept that herbs are, somehow, rightfully regulated by a "drug" agency? Since when is farming any "herb bearing seed...and every green herb" no longer a fundamental human right, and forced through manipulation, propaganda and illogic under the jurisdiction of the corporately controlled courts.

The contemporary Cannabis culture has yet to recognize and fully acknowledge itself, in solidarity, as the world's most ancient global culture. To reclaim our legitimacy,  We the People of the Cannabis culture need to identify Cannabis as both unique and essential.  In doing so Cannabis will be elevated to its rightful stature, which is in fact valuable beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court.

The evolution of revolution is revaluation. Viva la revaluacion!

Fragmentation of the Cannabis "movement" into distinct "medical", "industrial","nutritional", "recreational" and "spiritual" compartments has divided and bureaucratized the grassroots. We have been misled by "pro-Cannabis" bureaucrats, who have a vested interest in conceding rightful jurisdiction over "every herb bearing seed." Every "voter initiative" that begs permission (that will never come), has been sold to us as a way to "legalize" or "decriminalize" marijuana,  while our freedom to farm "every herbbearing seed" has been undermined and disempowered by the "drug policy reform establishment" including DPA, NORML, MPP, ASA and the rest of the oxymorons who have failed to end prohibition.  

In spite of the obscene amount of money and time spent in "fighting" lobbying and voting to regain what is our god-given right to grow, use, smoke, plant, harvest, sell, and worship the Cannabis plant, in ALL of its many forms and uses; criminal disregard for the public will continues to be demonstrated by the blatantly misanthropic, anti-Constitutional, federal ("feral") government's increasing harassment of California dispensaries.

It is amazing and enormously sad to observe that regardless of mankind's imminent, predictable, foreseeable extinction as the result of compounding systemic imbalances being imposed on environment, economics, and social order, we are STILL allowing ourselves to be herded into hoping for relief through an impotent and disingenuous vote.

Our children will grow up justifiably angry at us for our collective cowardice. "Essential civilian demand" is the surest, quickest way to reclaim our (federally and internationally) un-restricted access to the one and ONLY plant that can reverse climate change, before we run out of growing seasons.

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Communications Committee on Homeland Security: "Essential Civilian Demand"

Unless we recognize 'time' as the limiting factor in the equation of survival, and every growing season wasted  in argument as an opportunity lost,  then one day very soon we will wake up to realize that there is nothing that can be done to prevent our own, self-inflicted extinction, following a period of unthinkable suffering, illness and death.